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  1. Thanks - I had no understanding of this structure. I agree with you that it sounds communist!
  2. I think there is a little hyperbole in this story. As an IT consultant working for the biggest IT company in SA, I did get told off for catching a taxi from the airport to my hotel on my first visit just under 20 years ago. But my local collegues all drive solo to and from work, and around the country. As have I on subsequent visits. I have walked alone in dubious suburbs like Boksburg, even at night (and all over Cape town) There are train lines I won't catch, and suburbs I won't drive through, but I've had worse incidents on the Frankston train in Melbourne than I have in South Africa.
  3. I'm respectfully curious about why you say this. If communism is defined as the state taking ownership of the means of production through force, then how are these communities communist? I'm not saying you are wrong, I'd just like to see the case in support. Likewise, I'm not saying I'm right, but I would put forward the argument that these communities are built of individuals who have chosed to come together, and where each individual makes their own decision as to what to contribute in resources and effort to the community. Therefore they are actualy libertarian in nature.
  4. I'm really not sure how you have got this from anything I have expressed here? I've been advocating for responsible libertarianism and repeatedly said that the philosophy is nothing at all like the selfishness that most Americal self labeled libertarians espouse. I've said repeatedly that the outcome desired (by us both I beleive) is that the needs of society are efficiently met. You pragmaticually want them met by a neccesarily inefficient big government, I'd like them met by responsible individuals choosing to contribute individually, but have conceeded from the beginning that while it
  5. As philosophies they are actually. Socialism has production owned by everyone in common, capitalism by individuals. But in reality we muddle along with some mix of many ideals. Can I once again say that I dount that the wannabe libertarians that you know are any more real libertarians than some of the arts students I knew at uni were real communists. Both groups are just grabbing onto a cool sounding label. Where I imply cutting taxes, that is only to enable a more efficient use of the resources. I do not in anyway mean that individuals should avoid funding the necessities of so
  6. Care to name a socialist country? (BTW - the Melbourne location in my profile refers to Australia, not Florida). Australia has many socialist policies, but I doubt we actually even qualify as a social democratic country. We are certainly not moving closer to all production being owned by the people, rather wealth distribution inequality is increasing. The Scandanavian countries probably go closest to being social democratic in practice - but that is still a fair way from actual socialism. I conceed that (apart from parts of Somalia and the like, and no one would want that model)
  7. So is it capitalism that enables private property, or socialism as you claimed earlier? I have long laboured under the misaprehension that property is only held through force, or the realistic threat of force.
  8. I don't have experience of living in that society - closest I know is Johannesburg. In Jo'burg the approach is to build big walls around the property and have a secure house inside the walls. If bad dudes get in, you don't shoot it out as that normally ends badly. You try to be compliant, then emmigrate to Australia or Canada if you survive I still struggle a little with what 'defending my life to the fullest extent' means? I'm not sure what the circumstances might be where defending myself with a semi auto or pump action 12 guage is not enough, but a rifle with a high rate of fire is? I
  9. We may be talking at cross purposes here. I was talking about libertarianism as a philosophy for society to follow, not as a label for RWNJ to adopt as an excuse for their selfishness. I tried to make it clear that my vision of libertarainism is one where externalities cannot be ignored. The point of stating the requirement for knowledge is so that a libertarian can direct their own resources where needed, not just ignore the need. John Galt running away and creating a new society that benefits from all the knowlege and resources of the current world is not what I'm espousing. (Who is John Gal
  10. Sorry, just read this properly. I have to say that I struggle to have all that much sympathy with your specific objections. Now, I've never hunted anything bigger than a kangaroo, and only shot pistols a couple of times on a 10m range. So I know I don't know everything. But, why do you need, or even want, more than a 10 round magazine? What do you use handguns for, other than target shooting - and in which case why not just shoot the same pistol as everyone else in the competition? And what's cool about mean looking guns? Sure, I enjoyed getting to shoot a fully auto M16 in a range,
  11. I'm embarrased to say I got into Heinlein via Starship Troopers. And was surprised to discover the book had a little more depth than the film... Then I made the mistake of listening to SiaSL as an audio book as I drove the kids up skiing :-) I prefer Vonnegut in that genre, but I rate Heinlein pretty highly so went through all of his stuff. I clearly have no original thoughts...
  12. I don't need to dream about being a hedonist. As a masochistic hedonist, I can't lose! But not even in dreams does communism work.
  13. Not quite. I will say I aspire to both Libertarian, and Anarchist ideals, while accepting that they cannot be achieved in this very imperfect world. For either to work would require a level of knowledge and understanding across all of society that is realisticually beyond what is possible for anyone. A benevolent libertatian doesn't want the society posited in Atlas Shrugged. Rather, they would like a society where everyone has perfect knowledge of what is required by all facets of society, and chooses to contribute accordingly. So it's where the far right Libertarian meets the far l
  14. Wow - did you duck as that flew over your head? Why did you think I made the point of saying I 'Self Identify' as competent? Do you think I was perhaps taking the piss out of myself, and the topic? Irony is not the 26th element on the periodic table.
  15. Surely in the rural areas licenses are handed out by the local cop like normal? "Well, it seems you drove yourself in here, that's good enough. Don't crash on the way home". Back to Tas on the 16th - assuming borders open as planned. Hopefully will have a jib for the nacra waiting, just need to come up with a way to hoist it and add sheets. Will have to hand in my 11YO girls bow and arrows on the Spirit of Tas again. I wonder how the American's would cope with a 15 lbs bow being treated as a dangerous weapon? I don't ask my son if he is bringing his slingshot, I think that counts as an ou
  16. I also self identify as a competent speller. Or maybe just enthusiastic.
  17. Rather hard to draw lines - but that shouldn't prevent you from trying. Gets very grey when people load their own shells. When does lead become shot / bullet. And when does a stick become an arrow for that manner? As an outsider I struggle to understand why 2A prevents you having uniform firearm licenses? It even includes the words "well regulated" - and licenses with manditory annual training seems to be a good way to achieve "well regulated". I have a drivers license and a gun license. Now I might not always obey all the laws for using either, but at least I know them and am very c
  18. Yeah - it looks like you do win, because it looks like you learned something. How about you try doing the learning before the declamation of your ignorance as fact next time? I identify as an optomist!
  19. Do you really need to hear the words to know if you are being insulted? Tone and expression. Calling someone you don't know a fuckwit to their face is quite aggressive, but mostly folks don't talk behind folks backs all that often. It'd be like "Don't invite Easy Meli sailing, he's a fuckwit" Nah - you septics would fit in just fine in QLD...
  20. Cause not, high as a kite from the chemicals. Did she mooo her agreement at you?
  21. Nah - Meli is right. Calling someone a boofhead is tolerant and even affectionate. Whereas calling someone fuckwit means you really despise them. It's one of our few insults that actually have some venom in them. People often call their dog a boofhead. But you'd be asking for a fight if you called someone's dog a fuckwit.
  22. Not sure you understand the topic as well as you think you do. In response to Meli stating that "people who don't identify as male or female call themselves asexual", I countered with a single example of an asexual person who is clearly male. That was quite clearly not an attempt to extrapolate from one case to population statistics. Rather, a refutation of Meli's declarative statement with an example that invalidates it. If Meli had said; "All apples are green", I could have held up a red apple and said "This apple is red, therefore you are wrong". Neither in my statement abou
  23. The only asexual person I know identifies unambigously as male (and is male in both genotype and phenotype). Do us a favour, wander down to the Greyhound at 2 am on a sunday morning and get someone to explain it to you. What gender you identify as (Gender) does not define which gender you are attracted to (sexuality). The two are (mostly) seperate concepts. Gender identification and sexuality are not the same thing. Bananas and abalone are different too.
  24. From you? I must admit that at best I'm assuming that what you are talking about is some kind of fruit. Or maybe vegetable. 2 times out of three anyway.
  25. I'm going to believe you meant gender rather than sexuality. And you are not just trying to start a shit fight.
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