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  1. I actually use the rum & tweezers (roach clip?) method. I enjoy the challenge !
  2. The early ones had white balls that disintegrated in UV. Harken figured that out eventually and now build them with black/brown balls that don't disintegrate so readily. Typically only the top level gets the UV. The balls from the lower levels can be reused. I have heard that the trick to assembling them is shaving cream ...
  3. Those of us with Santana 20s use lifts in preference to ramps when the choice is there. Many S20s have heavy tab under the aftmost keel bolt to lift by. If not, get a eyenut the right size. Then a length of strap that extends above the house to bear the weight, 4 guy ropes to position the lift point in the plane with the hatch boards. This will lift the boat bow down enough that the mast does not quarrel with the crane. The four guy ropes attach to reasonably hard points such as winches, mast and rudder head, fore, aft and both sides. If your crane is not taller than the masthead when on the t
  4. I am intrigued by the apparent lack of problems from a situation that tickles my engineering fancy. 1. Attaching an aluminum track to the extreme aft side of a carbon spar then bending the spar, fore and aft, would seem to stress the bond very highly and possibly cause "peel" at the top and/or bottom. 2. Attaching two dissimilar materials should produce a shear stress when exposed to temperatures different than when bonded. 3. These two issues are additive. Use of mechanical fasteners would be more tolerant due to the inevitable hole clearances
  5. Your photo seems to suggest at least a two part terminal. Have you tried unscrewing the t-bolt from the barrel ?
  6. Attempting to approximate quantity of resin to mix for core replacement. How much will new end-grain balsa absorb ?
  7. Beware the nut chasing trick - it typically leaves a small but lethal burr ... If I couldn't buy the right length, I'd make a plate the right thickness and tap several holes, thread bolts into it, cut off, apply to belt sander, remove bolts, chamfer/deburr each individually on belt sander, passivate. Using carbon steel tools on SS bolts will produce rust from tramp iron ...
  8. I've had good luck with cheap vinyl tape. Available in many colors and widths. Goo comes off cleanly with acetone. Lasts 6-8 months in the sun here at 5200 feet and 95% sunny days ...
  9. Another thought - the inside of your keel doesn't seem to have any corrosion, so they got it watertight when they built it. Stainless will corrode once it has used up all the oxygen about and there's moisture present, so you're gonna have to get it reliably watertight !
  10. Agree with EB. The skins handle the load, the webs just keep the skins apart - just like the core in laminate ... That said, welding stainless ain't exactly trivial - get a pro !
  11. I have a 2hp Honda. I run it dry every time I use it. Like many motors with built-in tanks, it leaves some air space when filled to allow for thermal expansion. I have found that it will "heat pump" - if the vent is left open, the warmth of the day causes it to "breathe" out during the day and "inhale" moist air at night. The ethanol in the gas then absorbs the moisture from the air OR the moisture condenses on the surface of the gas and then sinks. I have found large quantities of water in the bottom of the tank after a couple of weeks by dumping the entire tank into a mason jar. I
  12. I am curious/skeptical. Theoretically a GPS provides the location of a point on the planet. Successive point locations and times can be used to compute various linear velocities. Without additional sensors, the receiver has no idea of its attitude. The additional sensors could be two more GPS antennas widely separated or a 3-axis accelerometer How does this unit come up with attitude ? It is quite common anymore for instruments and calculators to display lotsa numerals for a result, implying accuracy but most of the less significant digits are in fact imaginary due the use of less si
  13. I'm sure a good fix would be quite popular and if Harken isn't interested in providing parts, they shouldn't have an issue with someone else doing it. Kits for the little ones would be nice too.
  14. Failure to drive boat under rig ...
  15. Structurally, that is the highest load spot on the entire tiller and does not appear to be reinforced much at all. Adding a doubler over the repair (and to the other side of the tiller and the other tiller) would be a great idea ...
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