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  1. You can see the entrants in TopYacht - https://www.topyacht.com.au/db/kb/1253
  2. Yeah this isn't a thread about the cricket.
  3. So no two handed boats are eligible for the Tattersalls Cup or divisional placings. They will race in their own division. Two handed boats are not eligible to compete against fully crewed boats. That's the word from the CYCA according to their email today. This sucks.....
  4. And if the CYCA doesn't start communicating their thoughts / intentions fast, those crew are busy making other plans.
  5. Here's a TP52 Plot https://jieter.github.io/orc-data/site/#AUS/RQ0052 Doesn't have them doing anything over 16.12. Read into that what you like.
  6. Apollo bay in 2 weeks time. 22 boats entered. Consistent fleet sizes for this fun little race.
  7. That's a damn good rule. Might have to enforce that one.
  8. Kite is worth less than a mast.
  9. Looks like a cracker for Range this weekend....
  10. $9.50. I've got a ton of 50c pieces right now.
  11. I'm in. Sailing in the 38 fleet so no passage race. It's disappointing that they don't send the 38's on the passage race. Just standard up down short course.
  12. Saw Simply Fun back in the water this arvo... Also saw Senna (in the pen a couple up from where we were) Was wondering what went on there.
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