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  1. Duct tape and put her in the air tomorrow.
  2. I was on Dr. Thad Jones' Island Clipper "sanguine" in the late 50s at Moonstone. "Legend" was there with Chuck and Dave Ullman and others aboard. Chuck invited me and Moke Jones and another friend aboard, we were about 11 or 12 at the time. Great boat and greater people. Can't remember if we had margies or Brew 102.
  3. Last I saw Jada was in Mission Bay in a charter service about 5-6 years ago. Saw pics on line, a lot of refit and upgrades since I was on her. That picture of her sure brings back memories. Nothing like tonnage to hammer up the Baja coast.
  4. Started sailing in 1957 on BZ and Thad Jones boat, Island Clipper 44, sanguine. Trips to Moonstone when it was just a rock and pebble beach, hiking the island, rock rolling, being chased by buffalos and wild boar. In 1964, crewed on a Baja Bash with Dr. Thad on Jada, from Cabo to San Diego. Was able to see the real Cabo before it became... Saw one boat from Cabo to SD. Had the bay in Cabo and the whole Baja coast to our selves. Thanks for the memories sleddog.
  5. When I bought my boat, it had two batteries for the house bank, both 105 amp AGMs. A few years ago, I upsized the house bank to three 105 amp AGMs. I do not know, in hind sight, if my current Perko switch is rated for over 300 amps (or if this is a problem). For some time now, I have been having a problem with starting the engine on the house bank, even though my panel says the voltage is 12.5 or higher. By switching to both, the engine starts fine, as well as with the starting battery only. The house bank is five years old. My suspicion is maybe the Perko switch is going bad, or the con
  6. Don't feets have soles...or is it souls?
  7. Hey, when I go to the boat with all the stuff: sail bags, extra tools, dive gear to work on the bottom, my clothes, my food for a few days, the wife's stuff...I put all this crap in my '66 VW van. Then I put in my '84 Pinarello road bike, and head to the boat. Now it takes me a while at 55 mph and I stay off the horrible SoCal freeways, but I don't push it...stopping this beast takes about a half a mile. But if I want to look cool, I drive my PU truck. My wife drives a Lexus...good god.
  8. but hey, in SoCal people brag about their "ocean view" and the house is a mile from the water, but you can see a sliver of blue out there.
  9. Yeah, that's cool, but what happens when all the rats are gone...dogs, cats,etc. Wait, there's plenty of Q people in the hood.
  10. I feel badly for you all...I only deal with tree rats the size of small cats that live in all the palm trees around my house and the neighborhood.
  11. After doing a few TransPacs fully crewed at younger ages, decided to race my own Tartan 3800 doublehanded for my 70th birthday in PacCup 2016. Well, where do we start: first night out the autopilot went out so we started handsteering all the way to Hawaii, two hours on, two hours off, for two weeks. I had put solar panels on the boat to help recharge the batteries, hardly ever saw the sun like the TransPacs I did; miserable weather, foulies came off only on the last day. Four days out of Hawaii, the main halyard let go, so sailed the rest of the way with the 130, hit 12+ knots many a night
  12. Hey...give it a break...it's a VW bus.
  13. Current boat had autopilot, electric halyard winch, nice side decks, electric windless, winches adjacent to helm. Been singlehanding since I bought my first boat more than 30 years ago, along with cruising and racing. Next B day I will be 75, still soloing my 38 footer. But with knees, shoulders and hands raising hell, I have gone to boom furler and small headsail. Being in good physical condition (weights, cycling, lap swimming) and many years of sailing experience allows me to do what I do. To you younger guys, old age will be here soon, so take care of your selves and you will live to
  14. The Mar's photos show me what Earth will look like a a few years.
  15. Still pretty much the same....
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