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  1. The fireball looks like the one that Helms built when he tried to kill the class.
  2. Done. Someone needs to take a hard look at Malpractice on this.
  3. Not just the coastal islands. The flood program has led to development of inland flood plains and low swampy areas that were never built on because of the chance of flooding. The new stuff gets built (first floor elevation) up to lower the rate and older homes are put in the system at higher rates to cover some of the risk.
  4. Vol fireman in the late 70's when I lived on Seabrook Island. House fire started from a dryer vent that only went into the wall and when it filled the space it lit off! Contractor forgot to run it outside.
  5. Why does the music you hear when on hold still sound like it is playing on a dragging eight track?
  6. On Fireballs we would use a long bag under the boom to hold the spinnaker pole to gain some sail area. The Jib also swept the deck.
  7. Two American Eagles sitting on telephone poles watching me drive out from the fishing pond. They show up about the time the coots and ducks arrive.
  8. Have they finished rewriting it yet?
  9. MAT M is for the muzzle. Always pointing in a safe direction until ready to shoot at a target. A is for the action. Always open and unloaded until ready to load and shoot at a target. T is for the trigger. Finger is never on the trigger until loaded and ready to shoot at a target. Pretty basic simple gun safety lesson that I used for twenty years teaching a basic rifle class to college kids.
  10. Canned beets (sliced) with fresh sliced cucumbers in a bowl with apple cider vinegar, salt, and a little water.
  11. Way back when I sailed on a 23 we had a couple of occasions where we could not use the outboard due to the waves. The last time was delivering it to Virginia Beach over the Christmas break.The ICW was OK until we hit the sounds and had to sail. Did I mention cold and wet!
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