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  1. Never ever say these words. Nothing can go wrong now!
  2. Host it and they will come sail!
  3. Reading about sailing in the 6th grade. My older sister was dating a guy that sailed and he got me started with a junior sailing class. That was over 60 years and plenty of boats ago.
  4. ATN makes some nice stuff. https://www.atncorp.com/thermal-binoculars
  5. Proneshooter


    Reminds me of the Lotus and my bad knees.
  6. It needed better proof reading. The most glaring mistake was the Glock safety!
  7. Just sent in a donation. Keep the fund growing.
  8. My old 1969 Renault was under 4 seconds to 60 MPH. Of course it was a factory works Monte Carlo entry with the hill climb ratios in it. A110-1300S. 1100 pounds with a full fuel cell.
  9. The good ole days! Camp Perry 2007.
  10. In 1984 I drove one around the block (actually around the Island resort) in South Carolina. The owner liked my ex-works Alpine 1300-S that I managed to get road tags for and drove around Charleston. It was a mine is bigger than yours moment.
  11. Gave me a flashback to my last stress test on a bike! Was there a way to change the gearing?
  12. Reising M50 and not in the picture an M1A.
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