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  1. Hopefully we have some spare and can send them through the back door. Absolutely no offence intended. It's just all so ridiculous. I'm so lucky I live in my small world down here in Cornwall.
  2. This link reports that the EU 27 have 8.68 milion AZ jabs but have only administered 36% of them. FOR WHY?
  3. Living here in England what I deduce is the EU mandarins / media being down on the UK because we left the EU can't help but lash out at anything British given half a chance. This has probably infected the view of some in mainland Europe. Being in the 55-60 age group I'm getting a jab on Friday. Don't know which one but very most likely AZ. It seems far less older people are getting Covid here in recent weeks (about 90% of over 75s have been vaccinated). Fact is (if I believe our media) the Brits got on with it whilst the EU thought about it. I didn't vote and like many who
  4. That wasn't what I was asking about. The question was did INEOS at some point in the past (before Christmas) have a mainsail without a solid boom like LR has?
  5. Didn't Ineos have one of those before Christmas?
  6. Oh dear from here. Need a spliff to put myself to sleep.. Maybe our team do though I imagine that's not allowed.. Here's hoping for a miracle x
  7. No emoji for crying with laughter..
  8. That's funny, the subject of A4E surfacing. If I remember correctly he got the flick during the last Volvo. He was very irritating / irrational much of the time. I was never 100% sure if he really was that stupid or simply very good at giving that impression.
  9. Think you are correct. A quick search threw this up - Tis me learnings... Learnings Learning can be the progressive form of the verb learn, so that you are in the process of acquiring knowledge. Learning is also a synonym for knowledge, or information acquiredand retained in someone’s mind. It can be an adjective describing an object as something that will give the user more knowledge. Learnings is a pluralization of an erroneo
  10. Think Ben's default position is he prefers to do his talking on the water but he's certainly growing into the PR role.
  11. 2 went for Ineos, 1 went for LR. Have a listen. Twood be interesting to hear what you agree/ disagree with or any other worthwhile observation..
  12. No racing Friday Kiwi time. 2 races on 13, 2 on 14 then next day is 17 followed by 19 so next Friday is the earliest to get to 7.
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