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  1. They are very useful, particularly for screwing things into aluminum. However, the HF tool will not crush a #8 stainless riv-nut. The riv nut is much stronger than the tool. I've only tried it once, since the first time I tried the tool broke.
  2. Look at SuperFlow 12v compressors. (There's cheapie knockoffs too) Worked great with bigazz jeep tires, back when I was into that sort of stuff.
  3. Chicago ha long been a right/faux talking point/bullshit. An article about it, from 2016: https://chicagoist.com/2016/08/29/how_and_why_chicago_violence_became.php
  4. If only Covid was just a little more lethal. Unfortunately, plenty of dumazzes will survive. Sorry Darwin, next time. (And there will be a next time. Hopefully not Captain Trips, but it's gonna happen)
  5. SWMBO just picked up a Fever Tree naturally light or some thing, sippin one right now (Bombay Sapphire, outa the good stuff) It's quite good.
  6. Excellent article. Amazing that the "patriots" are letting the commies control them. An interesting excerpt from the article: "In that article that’s coming out in PLOS-Biology, I write that historically, this is not new. This is what Orbán did in Hungary. He doesn’t disband the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. He takes it over and, and re-messages it. Bolsonaro in Brazil does the same thing. This is coming from the playbook of from authoritarian regimes. There’s a fantastic paper I found from Foreign Affairs from 1941. It’s called “Science in the totalitarian state.” It’s
  7. Methinks you took a 180 degree view of my point: a respinse to Fakenews who maintains that the covid virus cannot maintain longterm lethality. My point was that saying that a lethal virus has no longevity is factually false. And I gave examples. The fact that rabies is controlled via vaccination of domestic animals doesn't make it a less deadly virus, it makes it a more uncommon virus. Without vax's, rabies killed plenty. Polio killed/maimed plenty. Lots of dumfuk's not getting a covid vax (which would eliminate covid, if everybody did it) Just because the 1918 flu dissipated doesn'
  8. Maybe the doctors and nurses shouldn't work so damn hard to mess up Mr. Darwin's work.
  9. Ebola, Marburg, HIV, Rabies, Dengue, MERS, influenza, etc... Plenty of ways to die from a virus. Rabies has been around forever, and is 100% fatal to humans.
  10. Yup... That's a Trump/Desantis flag flying above this floating collection of morons. I will say it's kinda nice that the dumb-as-a-fuckkin-rock crowd are making sure they identify themselves to the rest of the world. See that flag Jimmy? That means that those folks are very very stupid and you should stay away. Yes, the boathandling skills are exactly as expected.
  11. "Ebony and Ivory" == saccharine dreck "Ebony and Ivory" != "Songs in the Key Of Life" Mr. McCartney has done some... questionable things. "Wonderful Christmastime" is quite likely the single worst song ever composed and recorded.
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