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  1. Key word is "Passive" - i.e. not a breathalyzer. Basically the same stuff as the dongles the insurance companies want to sell you to get a "good driver" discount/ bad driver rate increase. OBD II und beyond already records most of this stuff: hard accel, hard braking, skids, speed, gps locations(if car has it) etc. Putting some automatic shutoff behind bad driving would likely be part of Vision Zero. Not arguing it's exactly a good idea, mind you. What's going to happen to all the roads around retirement communities with cars parked all over? But it's tech that Gieco/Progressive/et al
  2. I am so stealing that idea. While back I needed to remove the forestay. No biggie, loosen up the rig, fab up a press thing to pull the forestay forward (so I didn't need to remove the foil, it's heavy), pull the big-ass 7/8" stainless pin out of the bottom, and Bob's your uncle. Until the "roll-roll-roll.......splash" sound. Obviously, WM does not stock big ass 7/8" pins to hold the rigging together. Job got an additional 4+ hours to drive to San Diego where one could be located. This umbrella idea would have saved me. (A third hand woulda too)
  3. I seriously dislike Christmas. The retail orgy. The inappropriate or impossible to meet expectations. The fact there's wall-to-wall insipid Christmas music before even Thanksgiving. There really should be a holiday for the rest of us. "Little Drummer Boy" is out of this world insipid. It's lyrically bereft. It's tedious, pedestrian, mind-numbingly repetitive, and just plan full of the suckatude of stupidly. It's a dumb ass song. Is it reasonable to think that some chick that came up with a whopper of an unplanned pregnancy story would postpartum want some kid banging away on a drum? On
  4. Worse than that. Abject stupidity. You can't teach em. They want to stay ignorant. They're seemingly proud of it. SJB's pics of what appear to be human beings that don't know what "Socialism" means. They don't seem to understand the meaning of communism or fascism either. Note the memes where the totally racist fascist NJ's ironically accuse lefties of being fascist - all crying for "Freedom" that really doesn't exist* and will disappear when the brownshirts they want to take over do so. * pop open a beer on a beach and see how free you really are. Or drive while black.
  5. Wonder how much Putin pays the troll farms to keep B^2 outraged? I've seen that one several times in awarded HCAs.
  6. Not just the deck. There's a 1/2" wrench and a 1/4" nutdriver somewhere between the hull and the liner of my boat. For the life of me I cannot find them. Magnets, borescopes,etc... Dunno where they went. It's an ongoing challenge.
  7. USB ethernet dongle will work just fine, and they're cheap. Wired networks are almost always superior to wireless. WiFi is never actually secure. WiFi is slower. OldSkool wired is mobetta. I've never had a USB dongle not "just work" when plugged in, windows or linux.
  8. Plus weather where you don't freeze to death. If'n I was homeless I'd much rather be in SoCal than Detroit.
  9. You don't need a fancy blade for fingers. The cheap ones work just fine. So you can save some $$ there. The mech on the Bosch is far superior to the "sliding rail" design. Nothing sticks out the back and hits stuff. Excellent choice.
  10. My thoughts are that optimizing charging from the alternator is optimizing a solution that will always be suboptimal. Who wants to sit around and charge their batteries with the main propulsion engine(s)? I don't wanna listen to it even when I need it to move the boat, let alone while I'm trying to enjoy a G&T. And nobody runs the engine to let the batteries sit in float. (I'm cheap, still on FLAs.) If you need air conditioning, you need a genset. Other than that, and except at high latitudes, solar works really well on boats. Braindead simple. Hook it up, it works. Quiet. Zero
  11. Good plan. Let us know how that works out. I hear there's an award for that and everything.
  12. Took all of 1 hour... You, sir, were quite prescient.
  13. Ayup. Don't use abrasives for smell. Mold/mildew definitely requires bleach. You want to kill the fungus, not just clean it up. Also control moisture if possible.
  14. "What's the smell?" is the key question. Of course, the answer may be "All of them." Each smell is different. PO of my boat had a dog. That was a pain to get rid of that smell. Clean, clean, clean some more. Separate the cushions from the boat as advised. Head smell? Wipe down all the hoses with a cloth and smell the cloth. If it smells, replace the hoses (permeation). The author of that book recommends "Pure Ayre" deodorizer. And I can attest it helps quite a bit, particularly with odd organic odors. (Dog, weird tea smell in the galley cupboards, etc)
  15. FFS I'd be embarrassed to be in that group. Have they no shame? Do they not even know that JFK was one of those evil democrat types? Q must be two drunk dudes trying to outdo each other on what insane bullshit they can get the gullible to believe.
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