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  1. The last boat (Catalina 30) came with a Garhauer ladder that attached to the track. Worked ok for the dink, but didn't work well for swimming. Attached a telescoping fold-up ladder (think ski boat ladder) to the bottom of it and it did double duty and worked really well. Not aesthetically the most yachty bit of kit though. New boat has a walk-through transom with a drop down ladder for swimming. Works fine, definitely notice the greater movement on the stern. But the C-387 is a fat boat so it's not too bad. But, when cleaning out the new boat I found the same exact model of Garhauer lad
  2. I've been to KSC's museum 2 times and I'd go back again. Well worth it particularly if you're into space and stuff. A sincere thank you for supporting the Special Olympics.
  3. Yea, but that's kinda just namecalling. I don't expect a thinking political party to march in perfect lockstep. That's not how representative democracy should work. The R's are an opposite example of this to the extreme: Jackbooted party of "No." That's it. When you're entire party policy platform is a two letter word understood by dogs and little kids, you can have 100% agreement. When there's some substance to policy, like "hey, maybe we need better roads and shit." that gets tougher to get full agreement. That's OK by me, that's how it worked up to Reagan or so. Likely got some good
  4. I've long thought a great forum feature would be "ignore threads where the only replies are the same poster." Nope, that's syntactically tortured. "Ignore unapost threads" sounds better.
  5. Nothing more conformist than a RWNJ. But somehow the delusion runs so deep they can't see it. Wolf with a misunderstood mirror.
  6. Yup. All this smells terribly like some 12 y/o prankster with a computer that figures out that "Dumb Debbie is sooooo dumb, she'll believe _______" and fills in the blank with: Those horrible shitlibs eat babies in a pizza parlor basement Drinking piss will prevent illness That illness (you're drinking piss to cure) is fake Hydrogen peroxide is good for your lungs! it clears out all the fake virus Those horrible shitlibs want to insert 5g nanochips to track you (technology that doesn't actually exist, but to these folks I'm sure television is absolutely magic)
  7. Remember when "Do your own research" meant a trip to the library? Maybe more than one? Perusing the World Book that sat in the den for this sort of thing. Finding an expert to ask. If two sources disagreed about a tidbit of a fact it was questioned? And don't write a paper without proper citations. Now it means finding a facebook meme that reinforces an unwavering adherence to one's perception of reality. An entire planet's worth of knowledge at one's fingertips... It was supposed to make the world a better place. Sad.
  8. Guys under the age of ~25 or so are just plain stupid. Methinks adolescence is where Darwin planned to remove the low-hanging fruit. If this wasn't the case there would be significantly less war in human history.
  9. But that was entirely predictable. Thomas has been bought for a very long time. And he apparently doesn't give a crap about his legacy. (A few other SCJs fall into that category as well)
  10. All the pool guys and landscapers are going to want one. They all currently drive aging Toyota trucks from back when they really were small. Excellent mileage potential in the hybrid maverick. I'd like one too, but I don't know when I could realistically get one. 'Mericans that drive ungodly massive penis compensation trucks to McD's are a strange breed. Sure, some folks tow a boat or trailer, some folks haul crap. But I'd wager 90% or so of the aircraft carrier sized pickup trucks do stuff that a sedan would do just as well. (Same folks are quick to bitch about $5/gal gas too...)
  11. Wife, 2 kids, and Labrador retriever were going backpacking in the high sierras. Not real far, kids were 10-12ish, so something like 10miles or so. Wife got the lab a backpack so he could carry.... a 3L bag of wine. Without the box it's quite easy to transport. Good dog. And yes, as Ed mentioned above - best bang for buck on the planet often says "Rioja" on the bottle.
  12. All true. Wife and I tend to like Spanish reds for price/performance benefit. Good Calif reds are great too, but $80+ a bottle. But in one out-of-the-way, hard to get to storage locker in the boat there is 3L of boxed wine. It's the "Emergency Wine" to be consumed in the unlikely event of the "good stuff" being already gone (or corked. Had 2 out of 12 of the last case that were corked). I wouldn't say it was good. But it's there for emergencies.
  13. Me too. Mostly the same reason, but I once hired a painter. The job was terrible. I had to re-do it. And I can't see for crap. Stucco, OTOH, stucco is some kind of witchcraft or sorcery. If I do it, stucco goes up on the wall. Stucco falls off the wall. Repeat until trowel is thrown as far as the damn thing will go.
  14. FIFY. I looked in the "fucks to give" drawer.. Nope, no fucks to give for this Qnut.
  15. I plug my car in. Have no idea the price of gas. The prez doesn't control it anyway. Mebbe those RWNJ's should buy vehicles that are smaller than the average monster truck instead of bitching about the price of gas. Or the southern border. Or how awful antifa is. Or violence in Chicago. The usual stuff.
  16. SWMBO is a terrible painter. I'm pretty blind. But I can paint quite well as long as she points out where I missed. So it works out. Few years back I'm going over to Catalina for a few days and she's staying behind. She decides that she's going to paint the bedroom while I'm gone. Moves the furniture to the middle of the room (I always remove it, unless the room is huge), drapes a dropcloth over it all. Proceeds to get paint splatter everywhere. The doors. The windows. The sliding door. And, of course, all over the floor where she didn't mask. But wait, there's more. I come back ea
  17. Real sea lions shit all over my dock/boat/etc if we don't keep them off. ...
  18. Cruise Ships. They have living/cooking/sanitary systems already. Put all the homeless on cruise ships. Keep doing that until all the cruise ships are used up. Added bonus: No cruise ships/passengers destroying the places they stop at. (I am not being serious)
  19. It's one of the RWNJ/Faux talking points: taking sensible precautions against a deadly disease is "living in fear" and/or "being a sheep." They endlessly post stupid Russian bot farms memes about it. It makes no sense other than a mild insult / dog whistle.
  20. "I've a feeling '21 is going to be a good year." Well. it wasn't. But looking forward to '22 being better.
  21. I think it's a tossup between Red Dawn and Idiocracy for the documentary awards next season. Of course, there's actual Russians in Red Dawn, where the truth will be goateed ammosexuals. So they didn't get that quite right.
  22. I wonder if getting all your medical information and news from shitty facebook memes is a good idea. Gosh, if there only was some way to analyze numbers or something to figure that out.
  23. I've got one of those at home. Heated, lighted, self-opening, heated bidet water, self cleaning, multiple spray patterns, etc. It's very nice. I have a fresh-water bidet on the boat too - reach over and grab the shower sprayer. It's heated too, if the engine has run in the last coupla days.
  24. gptyk

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    Looking forward to it. SWMBO, not so much. I'm quite the Tull fan, she can't stand it.
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