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  1. Sorry for the grumpiness. He's gone silent for longer periods than this. Anyone know what a Rawson 30 with a broken tiller and a small amount of sail area up front might do? Will the bow be pulled downwind or will it just lie ahull and drift downwind/current?
  2. I agree that he has no idea what the sea demands. Someday the sea will claim me too, but it's a solid bargain and I'd be terrified to face death any other way. I think his joy in many of the things we take for granted is genuine. A clear horizon, the stars as far as you can get from a well-lit city. A green flash. If his line in Richardson Bay had never chaffed through, things might be different. It would be simple to reduce him, Rimas, to the fiberglass shell he was tossed into by his 'benefactors'. But where a cynical view sees him as someone who would otherwise be living und
  3. If your culture necessarily involves debasing the poor and the mentally challenged for sport, then yes screw it and screw you.
  4. Most of the posters here are a few rungs up on the economic and social ladder. Handing someone a few rungs down some cash or goods with the deliberate intent of debasing them and using them for sport just because you can is despicable.
  5. Rimas gets desperately lonely on his extended trips, just as any other psychologically healthy person would. I realize that Jean and Shannon have good intentions, but this escapade from an outsider watching the enablers has all the dignity of Bum Fights. Rimas is not able to hold a job and was I think literally living under a bridge before this all started. In Richardson Bay, he was given just enough so that he'd fear losing it and figuratively set loose. His asinine prattling while he took video selfies of himself while running every working piece of equipment on the boat at ancho
  6. As unlikely as his success is at each step, it's kind of nice to have him out there: not as a role model but a sign that any of us can make it work when it's time. There could be a manipulative side, but the childlike side has a Forest Gump thing to it.
  7. He wasn't towed out of the bay, he was swept out unexpectedly. I don't understand the level of enabling happening from Jean either- it's expensive and a time drain to put his friend in a potentially dangerous situation. And the USCG doesn't want to discourage people from making calls to them about hazardous situations. I wouldn't expect fines or legal hassles.
  8. You may be overthinking it. Rimas just clicked Yes when Facebook suggested that he share a memory (old post). In current news: Rimas MeleshyusJuly 12, 2016 The expedition sailing solo around the world nonstop. I am missing the sea every day Dearly ! I must sail away from Hilo, Hawaii, why I am doing this, because I am do not have engine to sail to the ports.only Only one option to sail nonstop. Need two years supply food I got donation already from Hilo, Hawaii for two years supply food, that's very nice from people Hilo who are willing to help for my the extraordinary voyage.But drinki
  9. Check the date. This season's budget ran low so Rimas is running a clip show. This is from July 2014 on the old boat.
  10. More realistic about his destination(s)? From FB half an hour ago: No pic. "The expedition sailing solo around the world,this time I would like to do nonstop."
  11. Does Rimas even have a flare pistol? Recall the principle of Chekov's Gun: "If you show a fire extinguisher in Act 1, a redheaded woman needs to hit a dude with it by Act 3." Does Rimas even have a fire extinguisher?If Rimas had a flare pistol , he would have either set the boat on fire or lost it overboard. If you scroll back far enough, you should see a picture of a flare pistol kit lashed to the rail of one of his previous boats. Still in its cardboard box.
  12. Mimsy, secure at the dock, gently caressing a concrete post during rig maintenance involving a ladder on the foredeck.
  13. He's got 5 sheets tied to the flapping remnants of his jib. Main was ripped. Globs of caulk on stanchion base. Lower shrouds appear really loose. Rats nest of halyards wrapped around starboard rigging. Loves sailing so much it brings him to tears, yet he's completely uninterested in learning how to actually do it.Given his meager income, refusal to work, and dockage costs, I don't see him being any more prepared to head south in 4 months than he is now. He's going to get to the South Pacific at the height of typhoon season. At least we finally know what sailing "Kon-Tiki style" means.
  14. Aloha! Says he arrived in Kon Tiki style. Since that would mean that the vessel broke up on a reef and he swam in, it's hard to decide whether to take him at his word or not.
  15. Ahm yer huckleberry. He did not make progress north to reach San Francisco before the winds shifted to stormy pushing down the coast. He is either wrecked on the coast north of Monterey, or headed south or west able to pick his course to run for the Pacific or stay on the coast. Conceivably he could be wrecked on the coast south of there, but even 12 hours a day with a main should be sufficient to stay off the rocks even if he can't steer above 120 apparent and sleeps the other 12 hours. It would be easy to look for debris along the shore and on the coast or coastal islets/rocks b
  16. The boat is ​pointing to windward. Do we have evidence that it is moving to windward? ​ Although, check out the other flag on the port shroud and the sails. Maybe Rimas has achieved a zen state in which the wind blows from all directions.
  17. Not close to needing intervention? You don't think that changing plans mid voyage from "Across Richardson Bay" to "American Samoa" without notifying anyone including the owner of the boat, and then being towed into an easy port by USCG in a vessel that's in fine shape to sail to port, for the fourth or so consecutive attempted port entry, fails to demonstrate a certain amount of ability to manage one's own affairs?
  18. ...what is this g-o-a-l you speak of? does it have teeth? Yes, sharp ones. Once one of those things gets its teeth into you it doesn't let go. It's kind of like having a conscience except that it nags you to do cool things instead of not do them or feel guilty about them.
  19. If he made it to half moon bay before breaking down i would be surprisedDon't be. He has drifted a lot farther than that before several times...He can make slow progress any direction that is a broad reach or dw. This is why I'm putting my money on Vallejo From Richardson Bay, what course do you think he would take to get to Vallejo? I would assume that his handlers would make sure he left Richardson Bay on an ebb tide when the wind is going to be steady for at least a few hours. That would make it hard for him to get up Raccoon Strait (light air, varying direction) and if he rou
  20. Video of some people who on Facebook said that they did a Hawaii trip on a Rawson 30: http://vimeo.com/155761531 Misspelling on the introduction captions, dead engine, short water, approaching storm, broken tiller, calling for help with VHF and flares, and so on. Slamming back to San Francisco in October and calling for a tow from the coast guard to get into the bay.
  21. Oh, and he's becoming more specific about the type of woman he'd like to assist him with various tasks:
  22. The other flag is a number 8 flag unless some yacht club has an almost identical burgie.
  23. Oh,, and he's now looking for a woman, who must be extremely friendly. FB:
  24. From Facebook, image and text quote: Am I the only one hearing "Ground control to Major Tom, ...."?
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