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  1. I can tell you from experience ( I owned that blue one for a while) it was very comfortable to sail, easy to get around on. The only problem is that anything that was dropped went right over the side. Overall a very powerful boat. MORC 4Q killed it, though. Like JWW says below, it's sitting in Grand River, Ohio just waiting for its new owner!
  2. OP350


    Pretty frustrating. At least I didn't drill any holes in the boat! I wonder how they got this project funded. Vakaros is pretty close to Theranos. Just sayin'.
  3. OP350


    Here's a bit of an update….I had sent Vakaros a note through their website a day or two ago. Todd Wilson sent me an e-mail back and we set up a time to talk this morning. My questions were regarding setting the clock and getting the speed function to work. Todd tells me that the ability to set the clock and to do several other actions will be available in an upcoming update "within the next two weeks." I asked how sure he was about the time line, and I am going to figure that they might miss that date, but most likely not by much. The issue I was having with the speed function was exp
  4. OP350


    I bought one of these things at the Annapolis Boat Show in the Fall...…Still trying to figure out how to do two pretty simple things. First, anyone know how to change the time? Second, mine registers speed.....sometimes. Is there a setting I'm missing? I have sent the company a couple of e-mails through their site, but I have not received a response.
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