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  1. Even 8 new boats would be great news for the IMOCA. 14 is insane and it's likely going to be around 9-12 if your infos are to be believed and that's amazing. Thanks for the nice spreadsheet table
  2. France getting a penalty by their own fault each race. amazing
  3. Ahaha FRA is such a shit show
  4. FRA already 2 boundary pens in 2 races come on
  5. Looks like australia crossed first to me.. you work to get up the field in the last meters of the race and the rules say "no don't care, we just want to see the first 4 cross the line, the rest can stop racing at the last bottom gate."
  6. wait first race fra 7th aus 8th even though australia passed france on the final beat. Did they take the rankings of the last mark again? or did france catch up before the line? If they took the last mark rankings the rules are absolute bullshit ^^
  7. They're running those films about Team FRA, and my god as a french viewer it's hard to find Besson charismatic. Nothing to do with the cool of Slingsby, Spithill, or Outteridge.. He also doesn't speak very well (as in is not a good orator), speaks even worse english causing communiation problems with Leigh Mc Millan. I want to like the guy but the more i hear him the more i have a hard time finding good team leader qualities in him. Does anybody share this feeling? Maybe i'm just weird ^^
  8. https://www.ouest-france.fr/sport/voile/imoca-visite-guidee-du-nouvel-11th-hour-par-ses-skippers-a5bd31c4-01b2-11ec-83cf-fc4fcd39fb80 Does anybody have access to Ouest france?
  9. Yes i agree it's a "professional" protest button push by Nathan. I don't think he was sure it would work.
  10. What do you people think of the GBR JPN call? I think it would be a bad one if Sailgp was ISAF rules. JPN had already started ducking when GBR bore down and if JPN had started a tack Ben had enough room to go up to let outerridge finish his tack. in normal ISAF racing "room at the mark" in fleet racing means you have room for your boat around the mark, not room to do the perfect tack around the mark. Not much different in a laser as the boat is very maneuverable but very different in a fast foiling boat. but on the sailgp rules it says "The boat on the outside must allow the inside b
  11. I totally agree, and it is just one race. Also it is crewed racing, in which we frenchies are not as exeptionally good as we are in single handed. Still that german team is relatively inexperienced in offshore sailing (although they had a french IMOCA guy on board ). I just think it must sting a little bit for linked out and corum to get beat by OTG. Bureau vallée just got the boat and have to get used to it so i'll give them a pass. I love this boat but it probably also isn't good for light wind sailing in the Med. I also think for a OR IMOCA boat it would be good to have foils that ca
  12. I have to say this is a bit humiliating for the french teams.
  13. Then have somebody check below the jib/code0. That's how you do it in boats with low vis. The power boat was on anchor.
  14. this is signs of a bad skipper to me. The skipper must always have situational awareness of his boat's surroundings, especially when headig out of an harbor..
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