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  1. Spoilers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CraY_wGU1aE They are racing
  2. Just realized this is an awful Photoshop job. The boat obviously hasn't sailed in this configuration yet.
  3. The new look. The boat has indeed benn shortened. The main hull used to be longer than the amas.
  4. Ultim Boat is saying spindrift has been shortened. Boat out of the shed today, in the water tomorrow. Anybody has more pictures of this new version?
  5. The course for the 2021 TJV has been revealed. 3 different lengths for the 4 different classes https://www.transatjacquesvabre.org/en/2021-edition
  6. And Tripon learned it today, wasn't planned with with him seems. Too bad, he loves the boat and would have liked to develop it further.
  7. With ifs you can put Paris in a bottle, goes so french saying
  8. it's a shame that the camera boat isn't going to film charlie's gybe
  9. Never thought i would see a Scott Manley video posted on SA ! ^^
  10. I concur, some hard data would help. Symbio, I thought you had some. Where are those polars?
  11. No, or show it to us. If you have both IDEC's and Gitana's polars now we're having an interesting conversation Idec had an amazing run ahead of ONE system. They stayed on one tack for 11 days, straight along the rhum line, on the low of a lifetime.
  12. Very nice photo of gitana going down a wave. Probably taken before good Hope. It seems hard to keep the boat foiling in any reasonably big sea state.
  13. I've explained at length in a previous post in which conditions I think these boats are faster or not faster than the previous generation. Gitana and Sodebo seems faster in transitional zones, with just enough wind to foil and not much sea state. This makes it easier to switch systems. They are indeed not much faster in heavier conditions because it becomes hard to foil and their foils have to be big enough to lift off in light conditions, making them non ideal for max speed. For example gitana can foil upwind or reaching in 15 knots of wind which is a gain on idec or BPV Gitana
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