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  1. That was a great race and it certainly shows that even the top pros can fuck up a mark rounding :-) (I came late to the conversation as I had to do lessons this morning) I know that OTG will switch to foils come TOR, but man, once again we see that it is not always technology that matters, but sailing skill and tactics that can win a series. 11th Hour had the advantage with missing the port foil (in these conditions) and it will be interesting to see how they perform in the big show, but all banging elbow jokes aside, they do know how to race that boat. It was great to see Sail
  2. At the end of the day I think this was a gain for all teams and for the TOR (but then I'm am optimist) We saw the TOR in a compressed format which gave A LOT of information to teams looking to enter in the big show. It again showed that the VO65 OD racing can be close, exciting and yes, they can even split and try different routes and still be competitive in the end. Those boats are capable in a wide range of conditions and as you stated, equaled or bested the IMOCAs in certain conditions. It showed potential sponsors that with tight racing there is more opportunity for eyeballs on the nam
  3. Well that was a painful race! OTG still making it work, but I feel for Team Poland, to have such a lead and lose it? I look forward to the TOR where we can see these fleets really have a chance to stretch it out and not claw along coast lines. I Enjoyed TORE, but these boats, both fleets, were/are designed to leg it in big oceans and that will be the race. My gut says that IMOCA may have certain advantages in parts of the big race, but there are a number of ports that will still compress both fleets and make it interesting to watch. If OTG wins this maybe organizers really ne
  4. At the moment it looks like the foilers have good breeze and with 11th sailing on the missing foil side, this could be helping them right now. Can they make up 60 miles is the question and they do go back into lighter winds at the end so.....A good beer and bratwurst seems about right ;-)
  5. It looks like they'll need to start a turn to the northeast which could put them in with the VO65 gang. At least they won't have to worry about hitting any 65 with foils
  6. Looking at the current tracks I think the routing software is a nice suggestion compared to just getting or keeping the boat moving. Unless things change the last 100 miles is a mine field of holes and odd winds which will madden tacticians and sailors alike. Crossing that finish the first thing I'd want is a stiff drink or three.
  7. I wax poetic, but get your point. If the wind builds down from the north then Childhood has the advantage, but Poland is also clear, just needs to climb up a bit. The VO65 is more up for grabs that I expected, but as I read from experienced Med sailors...this is the Med. TOG is the question since at the moment they have a clear channel, the rest still have to clear to islands. I'd love they win this leg for what I stated before....sailing is more than numbers...even in RTW and I love what TOG has shown. We'll see in a couple of days.
  8. As I see it, TOG used two islands as a pick and they Tactically did a fantastic job. Other's pointed out that even in TOR, there will be upwind, light air conditions and TOG has shown (clearly) how a non-foiling boat can not only take advantage of the conditions to fit their boat (design), but make it work to challenge at the top. JLC clearly showed that non-foiling can compete and that was in VG foiling conditions. TOR is not respecting JLCs efforts, (nor Pip Hare's), nor TOG with this asinine ruling and if they want boats on the line, allow lower budget teams to compete, because i
  9. Team Poland must have the favor of the greek gods, Becking has performed Herculean efforts to keep his boat in the front, has surpassed the siren songs of the island and even defeated the one eyed monster of no wind to continue to lead. Can he make up distance on Childhoods End? Will Neptune favor his efforts and reward him and his crew a hero's ending? (I hope so even as I cheer on Team Austria) As to TOG? They have the high ground (for now) and if Aeolus blesses them, may it carry them to victory. I love this leg for it is the opposite of what we see in the main event.
  10. While the VO65's do the slow crawl of progress irt looks like the 60s are doing the dosy-Doo in one spot. That has to be a suck ride right now and the only 60 really moving is TOG. I cannot figure where Poland is getting wind cause it looks like they are in less wind, but doing better than Childhood. It seems like who ever can get past that dead zone just east of them will have a decent ride. Can't say th4e route planners are3 much help in these conditions Still think the northern boats have the position, but Poland and Muri are somehow finding pockets of air. How
  11. Could it be they are short gybing along the rhomb line? If that dotted line is the "shortest" course it would seem Childhood and TOG picked the better line since they not only got some wind (from behind), but are not crawling along coast lines. I know there is a direct line from boats to finish line that puts Poland ahead, but eyeballing it, Childhood has the controlling position. Just looking now and you have the VO65s crawling along the shore line which has to be a cool visual, but real crappy tactically.
  12. If I read the tracker correctly (at this moment), all but two boats chose...poorly...and as time continues those two boats should (this is sailing so shit happens) extend a lead and be able to protect it along the way. As see it, Cluster Fuck in aisle south and who can clean up from the mess?
  13. Holy shit, look at TOG and Childhood! They gambled and took the shortest course an given the current wind, can extend a lead for every other boat has to claw back against two islands and lighter winds while the top two can downwind reach along the rumb line.
  14. So the fleet splits...interesting. Gut feeling on Becking's part? A big hole up the course and I don't have windy up to see where it shifts. TOG goes with the 65s, but they do have the advantage in the light upwind breezes. An exciting in light wind start and when they come together we'll see who's the hero and who's the goat
  15. It should be acknowledged that the marketing/PR/How Can we Grow the Sport departments are either run by middle school students tasked with promoting this event or the "adults" decided to phone promotion ideas in and assumed sponsors and fans would just follow anyway (this time). Hey, they added IMOCAs, wasn't that enough? (/s) Maybe I accept that TORE is a test bed, a beta version, but I too would have liked to see more tight racing, but the thing is, IMOCAs are just not round the buoy racers (compared to the VO65s) thus the coastal sprints.
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