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  1. Figured that... don’t want to share the specifics? The suspense is killing us!
  2. Yeah, I vaguely remember that conversation too. Looking at the 40s results in recent races, 38s have beaten it across the line, on most occasions.
  3. Thoughts on a Sydney 40 vs S38? there’s a few 38’s on the market and now a 40.
  4. There were a couple of 1020’s for sale recently, but they look to have been sold. Forzado was one of them and they used to do some east coast races in the early 2000’s... would they qualify in original configuration fora Hobart race?
  5. Looks like you have done a big job already. I look forward to seeing the finished product!
  6. How’s the work on the old girl going ?
  7. I was looking at SG for a while. Nice boat. Congrats on the new purchase and condolences to the lost sailors family.
  8. Beat me to it. She has to be up there in terms of an older design, punching well above her weight!
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