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  1. The sophoscope makes sure there is constant positive water pressure feed to the pump. A standard through hull can act like a venturi at speeds anything above sedate and prevent or actively inhibit effective water uptake into the pump. it also takes water from below the hull/water boundary layer, meaning the pump sucks far less air while underway.
  2. sorry, I missed this. No we didn't consider it.
  3. Infinity? The problem i find with the tablets and the phones is you have to put them somewhere, they're not usually waterproof, and when shit gets exciting it great to have the plotter there right away, and not need to fumble in your wet pocket for your busted iPhone (or drop it in the cockpit) Not sure on the Vulcan, bu the Zeus is connectable to everything, radar, FLIR camera, Side scan, and can even be used to watch movies in the cockpit.
  4. I was of the same opinion, until I used the Zeus3 in Greece on a moonless night during a fading meltimi... That was an expensive trip. Added considerably to the cost of our boat...
  5. Why go with the vulcan when you can have the Zeus3 ?
  6. I don't think that's a policy of theirs at all. Also check your numbers and models. B&G Zeus3 7: £1219.95 Marinesuperstore = €1351 . Not offered by Structures (at least on my order). 9" is offered B&G Zeus3 9" Not available in Marine superstore. £2398 RRP (B&G) and €2849 RRP B&G France. Gotta compare oranges with oranges. Structures price is fitted (and remember it's a hull opening so it has to be fitted right, and includes wiring conduit and the NEMA 2000 setup. Maybe the radio? Icom M330GE VHF £199Marine superstore =220 Euro + shipping.
  7. When i spec'd mine out, I looked carefully and closely for better deals on the extras thinking I might save a bit somewhere. For the most part, I couldn't get anywhere near the prices offered in the quote. additionally, getting those deals ex tax was going to be even harder. SO it was far better to just tick th eboxes and have Structures build the item in, and then they did all the paperwork for the export as well. The Watermaker was a bit tricky. I think we were the first to get the Zen30. and installing it is a bit of a pain. firstly, they have to know right at layup, as they include sp
  8. When I win the lottery, I'll finally be able to take time off so I can enjoy the awesome boat that I have.
  9. Man you went all out... Why didn't you go for the Stamskin? We love ours... and the nicer fabric in the cabins also - berths are more comfortable than our bed at home. And Congratulations!
  10. Slightly more changes than Grandad's axe...
  11. OK that makes a lot of sense. Still it looks like the entire fleet have died out there...
  12. Wow, it's turned to glass out there. Fabio Muzzolini in 2nd still has at least 26 miles to go, and current VMG is 0.7 kt.... Seems Tanguy was the only one who got in just ahead of the calm, the rich getting richer, massively frustrating and exhausting for everyone else still on the course.
  13. Would also explain why they initially did pretty ok, and then in the last day or so got behind. Exhaustion sets in.
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