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  1. Hello to all, so, a few weeks ago my mast went into two pieces. The mast was carbon, year 2007, from HEOL composites, two spreaders. Now when ordering a new one I've been told that the new gen masts feature only one set of spreaders. Anyway there is always the option to make two sets like it was untill now. I'm seeing alot of cool kids with minis and class40 allready having this setup. What are your thoughts? Pros, cons? TY for feedback!
  2. Here is an example of a nice looking grey boat
  3. Hey I'm that owner! cca 10 yrs ago me and my buddy went to the boat with a set of brand new marine speakers and a 6 pack of beer. We decided to crack one open and decide where to put the speakers. By the time we finished the second one the decision was made to put them left and right of the companionway, next to the instruments, so you really can't hear the bowman yelling his nonsense from the bow into the cockpit. win-win. By the time I finished cutting the holes, my buddy came back from the store with a new 6 pack. Celebrating the new holes in the boat with another one, and then
  4. Don't start with seacocks, they might get the wrong idea...
  5. https://www.inquirer.com/news/float-jawn-amede-bennett-cement-sailboat-restoration-project-philadelphia-20210210.html people are strange.
  6. Black Jack do your homework first before posting.
  7. ''We had a crane come and take off the bowsprit, the stern pulpit, and the remains of our wooden masts (which had rotted and fallen down a few months back)..'' So the boat literally rotted away...
  8. you got quoted in the press
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