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  1. better few extra cases of beer than a spare main IMO. Comes more handy if you have to retire.
  2. But if I don't pay them, will someone say it's slavery and child labour??
  3. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/macquarie-park/miscellaneous-goods/nicorette-yacht-2000-winner-s2h-race-80-ft-hull-shell-only/1276341059 turn it upside down and you have an affordable place to live in syd.
  4. This is exactly what we need to fight the climate change! Carbon foot print? Never heard of it... https://edition.cnn.com/travel/article/first-airbus-a340-plane-antarctica-intl-hnk/index.html
  5. Spindrift depart tomorow. whoa!
  6. Hey, I have a mini, it's a proto, so with the water ballasts, canting keel sistem and cannard cases there is no much space left inside. The series like P2 or similar are another story tough.. I would say very suitable for spartan cruising if that's your fetish (I know for me it is ) Some would say ''no a mini it's not for cruising, it's for crossing an ocean singlehanded.. and I'm always like WTF, why would you even use this as an argument, in my eyes it just adds to its potential for cruising. But at the end nevermind me, when I diwngraded from a 26ft clubracer - cruiser
  7. I want to speak to the manager!
  8. One windy night offshore: WE HAVE TO DROP THE KITE NOW!! SHIT, WHERE ARE THE PAPER TOWELS??!!? GO INSIDE AND LOOK FOR THEM; BUT DON'T FORGET TO CHANGE YOUR DUBARY'S FOR SLIPPERS! I understand you want to keep the inside clean and dry, that's why you have racing canvas furniture and floor covers.
  9. I think at one point on the way to Lampedusa Comanche was even in front of UE2... From the beginning they could not keep the pace of the MOD's, they had a very bad angle upwind and even in DW conditions they didn't show much.
  10. Maybe it has to do something with the fact that one is foiling and the other is not... or something else.
  11. Not a nice move from Argo: Soldini on IG We will sail in MOD asset without flying appendixes, with classic foils and rudders. We had a gentlemen's agreement with Argo’s team that we would have raced with the same non-flying configuration, to have an even race between MOD 70s with Mana as well, but we were very surprised because we found out just two days ago that Argo, after seeing the weather forecasts, will race with flying foils. We’re ready for the challenge nonetheless, the boat is in great shape and we will fight tooth and nail!
  12. How convenient getting grounded just beside the boatyard....
  13. I'm foredeck. And I was born the best, the smartest, the sexyest and the coolest. And there's no one better than me, especially aft of the mast. Oh, and I'm never wrong.
  14. The point is to make the boats go faster : @rolexmiddlesearace that will start on Saturday October 23rd. It's going to be a nice challenge: among our competitors are the two MOD 70s Argo and Mana, and the 80' maxi trimaran Ultim'Emotion 2. We agreed with Argo’s crew to both sail without the flying appendixes: the chances of having light wind are high, and the flying foils create more friction and slow us down. It’s going to be a nice challenge between MOD 70s and the fact that a sailing star such as Loick Peyron will race aboard Mana makes it even more exciting.
  15. According to Soldini they made an agreement with Argo to sail the race without lifting foils. And Loick Peyron on Mana. An interesting race between them for sure!
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