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  1. Installed all new B&G sensors and I'm wondering if the mast or the bow should be my offset point for the GPS sensor when racing? I'm assuming my bow so it can determine if I've cross the line.
  2. @sailordude69 not yet, I think have enough information where we can hold a meting with our members this summer and present the pros/cons of the different choices. We don't plan on buying the fleet until this Fall with the intent on sailing in 2022 so we have some time.
  3. A club nearby is using Versadock for J/70s without any issue.
  4. @boston we are considering using the Versadock systems off moorings (I've already checked that they'd be allowed) to semi-dry sail the boats. Thus avoiding the need to use the hoist and shuffle around the tides.
  5. The reason we're looking at the pricing is because we want to make the ownership group easier for younger racers to buy into. (20s - 30s) that can't afford to buy their own boat. Like many clubs there is a large age gap when it comes to owners and we're taking a look at this ownership opportunity as a way to close the gap. However, I recognize the challenge in finding a boat that will meet those requirements.
  6. I have never heard of the FT10 and it looks pretty good. Digging a bit more and I found the FT7.5 which may actually be a better fit for what we're looking for. However, I cannot seem to find any information on who produces them. I guess I could email Bob Perry?
  7. I am helping build a OD fleet at our YC amongst an ownership group. We have been looking at the J/70 however the costs are too high for us to consider for the ownership group we are putting together. Are there any sport boats that are around 24' in length that sell for less than $30k brand new?
  8. I'm helping my local high school sailing team and the season will be starting soon. Parents are asking me about masks for racing. The league and school are both requiring the use of masks on the water so that point isn't up for debate. Given that I'd like to find something that is going to work for on the water racing. Does anyone have recommendations?
  9. I'm very interested in buying a Versadock system for my sportboat so I can dry sail it from my mooring, however the company has not been responsive to my interest in purchasing. Does anyone know of any alternatives to Versadock that offer similar dry sailing docking?
  10. I may check out the Duxbury fleet and get some tips. Our fleet here in Hingham has some good racers but nobody has the new gear that I have. I feel like the kid showing up for practice with shiny pads but can't tackle worth a damn.
  11. I recently bought a new Laser from Sturgis with the racing configuration. I had an old Laser and raced it a bunch 10 years ago. Some of the recent changes I'm curious about: 1. The main sheet is very thin now. Feels too thin for my hand. Is it simply a weight issue for light air sailing why the sheet is so thin now? 2. The outhaul system is very complex. Was this system implemented to ensure the foot will compress during light air sailing? (bungee shock cord setup) 3. The tiller extension is very long. I'm guessing for heavy air hiking. I've been having issues with getting it un
  12. Bear with my story for a bit as I explain the situation: I have a Seascape 24, purchased new last year. At that time Beneteau purchased a controlling interest in Seascape and rebranded the new boats as the Firsts (SSC24 is now Beneteau First 24). Since then I've started racing it around Boston. We use the ORR-ez rating system. There was very little measurement data out there on the SSC24 so I pieced it together from a bunch of places. My rating has been a big issue for me since. I sent my certificate to Sam Manuard who was contracted to design the Seascape boats. He said the numbers were
  13. @Alan Crawford That post makes it look straight forward enough. I was concerned that the cracks would be a structural issue with the stress mast bend would put on the mast step. But it looks like the only affects of the cracks would be leaking. If that's the case. I could sand it down and patch as the article describes. Thanks!
  14. Noticed a crack down the bow side of the mast step. Cut open an inspection port in my deck and used an endiscope. The Fiberglass side of the mast step looks like a rotten tooth. Is the mast step compromised to the point of needing to be replaced or can I get away with patching?
  15. Getting my Laser up high enough for repair work is easy enough deck down on saw horses. Any suggestions on what I can throw together to get my Laser off the ground high enough deck up for repair work?
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