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  1. I have the B&G Hercules 5000. When entering the polar tables the lowest true wind angle I have is 40 degrees however B&G is expecting 20 and 30 degree values. If I do not enter them in performance targets seem screwy. How should I handle this?
  2. I'm up by Boston and considering traveling my Seascape 24 to a few events down South this Winter. Are there any recommendations on Sport Boat races that I should look into?
  3. I realize I could go the rib route but I wanted to get some thoughts on coach boats for a HS program. We're on the ocean, not fresh water. In the north east so our Spring starts cold but gets warm. Pricing is a consideration but I'd rather lean towards reliability than cheap.
  4. I'd like to swap out the turnbuckles and the terminals, is it possible to salvage the existing shroud wire by removing the swaged terminal or do I have to get an all new shroud wire and start from scratch?
  5. @fetzer yes I've searched for "OS" with marine hardware or turnbuckle but cannot find anything that matches. I was hoping this was an acronym that someone knew.
  6. Does anyone know which brand this turnbuckle is? Only logo on the turnbuckle
  7. Oh I see, you set to that "base" along LP then tune afterwards.
  8. @SloopJonB I assume you're doing that tuning in medium breeze?
  9. I'm watching the Sail Trim Masterclass: and at 8m30s the presenter says the jib car should be set such that the jib sheet angle for a good neutral position should be pointed to the 50% of the luff height. The sail plan he shows is a masthead rig and a large overlap. I'm wondering if the intent was really 50% of the luff or should it really be 50% of the girth for the true neutral position?
  10. @panoramix funny enough I just came across this article from B&G https://www.bandg.com/blog/calibrating-an-h5000-instrument-system/ that explained a very similar process. Thanks!
  11. My instruments can calculate target boat speed and target wind angle from my polars and produce a VMG performance %. So while the actual TWD and VMG values alone aren't helpful they are useful for those other calculations which are helping me isolate and diagnose some of these issues.
  12. I was able to get out to the boat this AM. I could sight up the mast that it was visibly hooking to starboard. I re-tuned the mast got it as center as I could and measured to within a few milimeters. While looking up the mast I did notice that my wind instrument was twisted a few degrees off to starboard. I suspect my apparent wind readings may be askew and this would affect my true wind and VMG calculations. I could go up the mast and try to make an adjustment but I think it would be easier to just offset it on the instrument calibration. I've never done that but I imagine it would mean
  13. It was happening with someone else at the helm but that person is also right-handed. I'm willing to entertain it as this has been a frustrating issue to diagnose. Thanks for the thoughts
  14. Yes I am steering with a tiller but if I am steering to the instruments what difference would it make?
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