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  1. Removing hardware is a PITA. What might be done with a die grinder or a Dremel?
  2. What he said. Foam will likely not have the compression strength of balsa, so in he way of heavily loaded fasteners, pucks of Penske board would be a good idea.
  3. https://www.tidesmarine.com/sailtrack/intst_overview About $30/ft. Plus sailmaker bench time for changing slides.
  4. Nice woodwork. Especially on the interior, I couldn’t resist varnishing it. Sand to 220, then 4 coats. That’ll last many years inside.
  5. I had pretty good luck with a large chisel. Finished with a coarse sander.
  6. If the existing frames were made for 1/2” material, that rules out glass.
  7. Assuming that you want some level of nonskid, a very easy and inexpensive solution is Jamestown’s TotalTread nonskid deck paint. It’s a basic alkyd paint with some grit already in it. The grit doesn’t settle out badly. Applies easily and covers well. Same colors as Jamestown’s WetEdge paint. Not as much effort or cost as LPU (Awlgrip), epoxy or Kiwigrip, but way easier and cheaper.
  8. Another one that a chum and I built. 1908 one-lung engine.
  9. There are many different kinds of paint that gets put on decks. Some do very well and some less so. Without knowing what kind of paint, we can’t say much.
  10. Can you redesign the part with thicker flanges?
  11. My Volvo saildrive has some large zincs. Don’t they protect the aluminum bits. Jamestown Distributors has been doing a bottom paint effectiveness survey for a few years. https://support.jamestowndistributors.com/hc/en-us/articles/360055875093-JD-Bottom-Paint-Survey-Results-and-Map
  12. Meant to say “what’s easier…
  13. What’s harder than one pump of resin and one pump of hardener? Mix ratio doesn’t matter if you use calibrated pumps. If you measure by weight, the correct ratio is not a round number anyway.
  14. I’ve used 1-1/2” PVC for winch handle holders.
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