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  1. Looks like you were having fun, which is what it's all about.
  2. The boats look like Lasers but the symbol on the sails are wrong. I remember Russia made a snide Laser, so maybe. Also the building look soviet block.
  3. Don't know why random guess, Ukraine?
  4. This is where I got the Lanaca, Cyprus picture from
  5. Correct! For a bonus point:- What's in the tanks, who owns them & what brand of paint did they use on them?...
  6. Not Malta or La Rochelle. This country has produced some top class Laser sailors.
  7. No not Norfolk VA. Distance wise Wales has been the closest, but still a long way out!
  8. No to New Jersey No to Barry Wales & also no cigar to St Croix.
  9. My turn again already...lol. I'm enjoying this thread, a distraction from normal everyday life. Where in the world...
  10. https://www.maritimeviews.co.uk/west-cornwall-luggers-and-mfv/a-guide-to-fish-measures-and-terms/
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