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  1. Martin T

    Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    Agree very jealous! My boat is locked in the clubs dinghy park, out of bounds due to lockdown over here :-(
  2. If this LP Laser is second hand, in my book you arn't putting money into LP's pocket. The first owner did that. I say if it's a good deal & increases your fleet size, go for it.
  3. Martin T


    Looks like water has got under the varnish. Always a problem with wooden boats.
  4. Well that didn't work! Still rips the same when mast snaps, I know cause I tried (then went & bought a carbon top section when they had £100 discount in sale).
  5. Martin T

    Flying Dutchman Fix Up II - the sequel[20424].pdf It's probably in here, hope it helps.
  6. Martin T

    Building a small sailing dinghy.

  7. Martin T

    Affordable GPS Speedometer This is an app I have used, maybe to much info for your requirements.
  8. Martin T

    Craigslist Finds

    I just looked at Apolloduck for the US & it's got 1 dinghy Bit different to the UK version.
  9. Not talking about the "Practice" sail which is £219 & is made of a lighter cloth. The Class Compliant & Class Legal sails are exactly the same apart from the red button & price. I've got a Class Compliant one & it even has a serial number on it, the same as the Class Legal ones just no button. All 3 different sails have the Laser Logo. Ah, just realised this is the ILCA thread...Doh.
  10. I never understood why a "Class Compliant sail" (£410) is £130 cheaper than a "Class Legal sail" (£540) here in the UK. The only difference is one has a red button!
  11. Martin T

    Fulcrum Speedworks Rocket

    Why can't people except the Rocket for what it is? A small fun simple sailing dinghy... sound familiar, Laser in the 70's & that didn't catch on...LOL
  12. Lucky you, we were going to have a race on the 2nd January but we're in Tier4 now! I used to sail one of them, got it from Broxbourne SC back in the early 90's. Lovely little boat for exploring the Salting but it didn't like the Blackwater chop.
  13. Why couldn't a prop guard be made out of some sort of moulded plastic? Maybe 3D printed even.