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  1. I don't know how much water the ballast tanks hold, but they might play a role if something punctured them?
  2. I do mostly pit nowadays, but do the occasional foredeck gig, just to check that I still can
  3. The Word kurwa is pretty easy. And I don’t mind at all if somebody use the c-word in an argument. Or when doing any sport, which is where I learned to say kurwa. It’s about context. Look it up.
  4. Your whole post just keeps offending, so you wasted your time - and made it even more apparent what a sexist you are. You assume that I have confidence issues because I'm female, just to pick one example. And you assume that I'm angry at something. Well, I'm not. I don't have to be angry to call out a sexist. You don't have to hate women to be a sexist. Here's something for you to learn for today: Every time you generalize us, you offend us. And I don't single you out, I have called out several here for the same behavior.
  5. I'm sure the Polish women are quite proud of your marketing campaign, and how you appreciate their looks. As if they were objects. Or a breeding stock. Nobody cares about your preferences.
  6. It's not that easy. In regular pancakes you have eggs and milk, so they have to use something else. Oat milk and.....hm, I don't know if there's a vegan version of eggs. Guess they just make it without eggs.
  7. What Ed Lada wants for christmas: the ability to actually ignore people and simply stop responding.
  8. Of course it's DEAD. And sometimes also rotten. But we don't eat -Swedish- rotten fish. Only if you lose a bet or something, or want to make a funny video of the ordeal.
  9. Would disqualification be the penalty? I tried to google it but gave up, searching for "water" in sailing documents is stupid and I think it's easier to ask here
  10. Hehe I’ve never had a celebrity or a toddler amongst my crew so I’m not sure either
  11. They are not in race mode even if they have an event in Spain to get to, this seems like a safe mode trip, for good reasons.
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