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  1. No, I'm almost sure the boat in the article is the boat in New York. Where else would you find that combination of hull and deck? The Boca Raton boat is hard to identify from just the bottom. I think the beautiful sailing photo may be a different boat because on the FD website it says "The other photo is an oldie but goodie from Bob’s earlier adventures in FD sailing." Classifieds of www.sailfdusa.org
  2. That boat was clearly modified. It has features of a 70's boat and also that of a 80's boat. I believe I found it in this issue of Trapeze. Look for the project in here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gsnLl1kiD4-mjxVPQtjii2JnCvqTSGR7/view So the answer is a wood Bob Hoare hull with a KDV (KDE) deck! A pretty cool boat. Also, the flat square box in one of the pictures may be more divinycell to complete the aft false bottom.
  3. It says 1970, which is consistent with the aft single bottom. The Y bulkhead in front of the mast is most likely a later addition. There were some boats that got modified with Lindsay decks, and this looks to me like it could be one. Looks like a decent price considering all the accessories. Picture one is a different boat.
  4. It seems that you've been storing that little piece of information for 50 years, just waiting for the question to be asked. Very impressive.
  5. Even a turd is pointy on the ends
  6. I have a mooring ball here in Olympia, WA. It is on public land controlled by the Dept. of Natural Resources. I pay a fee to them yearly to lease this public land from them so I can locate my equipment there. There are twelve mooring sites currently. Although there is a years long wait to get one of these, only nine are occupied by boats. Of the boats in field, four are used regularly, four others are never used but generally taken care of once a year. The other boat was placed there and the owner hasn't been seen again. Probably about the same statistics as a marina. I understand
  7. Kettenburg 41. Hiking on Bainbridge has a certain civilized nature to it, you wouldn't want to get your shorts dusty while resting.
  8. That was me, or my boat I should say, a couple of years ago. It was just like what was said above, a voice on shore saying to grab the buoy just as we were setting up to anchor farther out. I really like that anchorage as the park next to your house leads a wonderful trail system which is great after being on the boat for a while.
  9. This can happen in Washington too.
  10. No, I'm not trying to equate them. But, the fact remains that someone said "It's never a good look when your tactician and wing trimmer smash you" . That was little to good to pass up. Respect to all these guys, they're all great.
  11. I guess it can happen to the best of them: https://www.mysailingclub.com.au/DisplayResults/DisplayPublicSeriesResults?Id=337&Id2=2018 A-Cat Worlds
  12. Sea Sprays are really quick little catamarans around a course. The boats were light and there was a really light rig option of just an aluminum tube and a sleeved mainsail.
  13. The funny thing about the "twenty foot Olympic racer" in Redding is that he put 16 feet in the LOA box. Like others, I think 16 is closer to the truth.
  14. There are comments on most pictures about what is going on at each step. But overall, I got into this thinking that I might get a free Mader with a trailer and lots of sails, harken bullets and cams and all I need to do is vacuum out the leaves, replace some decking and maybe a bit of the forward double bottom which I noticed was buckled. The boat was more likely a Bianchi, which is still fine but then I found the balsa core was rotten and very heavy. From there things just escalated with feature creep. I had a lot of time to ponder FD design and all the unusual features they have and t
  15. Yes, all the modern boats are some or most or all carbon. I have read the rules pretty carefully.
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