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  1. Looks like Maxime is going to make without any problem in the end! Well done Conditions actually look worse for Armel... I do not understand why he did not go with Maxime, he should be able to sail as fast as him at least.
  2. Looks like the sea conditions are pretty bad so they cannot make a live coverage
  3. sure I think that the race for the win is going to be boring... Unless Apivia has a problem, he is going to win easily! But for me the Vendee has always been interesting to follow for the races within the race. I do not really care about the winner when there's no suspense. I am thrilled about: the 3rd place - Boris, Yannick, Seb, Jean and Louis The race between Sam and Isabelle Is Damien going to finish on the podium?? and so much more!
  4. well the first 2 positions are secured by Charlie and Thomas anyway... The race for the podium is still on with every boat that participated to the rescue! Well... except Louis who did a a nice move here :-)
  5. yep that's my understanding... I guess we will know more soon!
  6. (here is a rough translation) Kevin, Jean and Jean-Jacques (PRB CEO) JJ : Congrats to the both of you, you guys have a great seamanship spirit! K : We did a great job with Jean J : He ended up in a nice house *they all laugh* K : As I was saying to Jean 'I am sorry, you were doing so well in the race. I am sorry to screw everything up' and he replied to me 'well, last time it was the other way around. PRB rescued me' (back in 2008). Jean-Jacques, I am sorry for the boat JJ : it's just some pieces of equipment, no worries. K : I did everything I could
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