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  1. Which is why there's a separate thread: New Laser Sail. Any Information?
  2. Autumn (fall for some) in 2015 has been and gone for about half the world and will not be here again until 2016. Are you suggesting there's a year to go?
  3. Yah00

    rs aero

    So that just leaves: Marine15 Conference (Gold Coast), 3 - 5 May Melbourne Boat Show, 12 - 15 June Adelaide Boat Show, 25 - 28 June Sydney International Boat Show, 30 July - 3 Aug Brisbane Boat Show, 3 - 6 September will there be an Aero at any of those? Cool boat, but maybe a Moth scow is more fun…
  4. Is there a subliminal message in linking to a product that represents itself as something it isn't? No they aren't—they're a halogen lamp and reflector.
  5. Yah00

    rs aero

    Just interested, does the Aero stay upright if left alone, or does it capsize? How about the D–Zero?
  6. Yah00

    rs aero

    Not quite correct. The boat was launched at the RYA Dinghy show in the UK in March 2014. The sales figures you quote are since then not since 'fall' 2014 (just for perspective). Impressive figures for a new boat though. For one hemisphere, "fall" (which is more likely to be called autumn, at least in English), occurs around March to May inclusive. For a very large number of people living near the equator, the notion of autumn is essentially meaningless.
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