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  1. You're bang on the money, there. Once he's done his enclosing job and carbon-fibre reinforcements and wot not, it will capture a lot more carbon under-ground when he land-fills it.
  2. I think I'd take him more seriously (... er... probably not a lot more... but more...) if he was just planning to build his vessel from scratch. Looking at pictures of his "mini boat" and considering that he's planning to "[cut] it in two"... There are plenty of YouTubers who could build a proper, ocean-going 22-foot craft that's actually designed to be enclosed and driven by pedal-power in not very much time at all and make the project trend at the same time.
  3. I learned to sail optimists as a kid in a sailing school at the yacht club on a dirty river near my home town, back in the very early 90's. I guess I was 5 or 6. The sailing was fun but all the shit that went with it -- endless drives back and forth, waiting for wind, waiting for the adults to finish chatting (also known as drinking), waiting, waiting and waiting... -- the density of "fun" over time just wasn't for me at that age. Also, my older brother fell out of the sport and my father left that yacht club so that pretty much ended it, for me -- my opinion was never really relevan
  4. The good stuff starts about at about 8:30. It's a double near-miss -- the third boat that enters the picture on port from the lower-right very nearly encountered a sudden need for a nose-job, too. In fact, I can't believe that neither of the two near-casualties didn't need at least some new paint even if they avoided critical damage. Their skippers surely needed fresh trousers.
  5. Apathy on the part of LPE. In fact, I think LPE's actions so far have demonstrated nothing by apathy. However poorly the concern may be performing, the owner might still not give a damn. Surely, they haven't demonstrated any passion for the game that provides them a reason to exist. I think assuming intense apathy also goes a long way to explaining their reaction to PSA's alleged stiffer front-sections and extra layers. The ILCA have demonstrated their approbation, tacitly or otherwise, and that suggests that there exists some demand for better, stiffer, longer-lasting boats -- proba
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