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  1. I grew up sailing 40' IOR boats. The bow guy had to deal with 2 guys, 2 sheets, the big assed pole, mast head kites. It was definitely a mix of chess & brute strength. We bought him plenty of beers when he managed to reset all of the gear in time when we decided to set on the other side at the last minute.
  2. See Level might have saved a mast or even someone's life with that catch. This is the power of the SA Forum.
  3. I think this is one of those occasions where you rent a tool even though you own one. You beat the shite out of it and return it. In this case, it will be full of shite.
  4. They wouldn't last as dinghy Instructors in AU. They wouldn't even last as volunteers. I'd let them man the barbie. Maybe drive a rib if they promised not to speak.
  5. I broke two of the Ronstan carbon's on my Laser. You capsize and snap the thing in half on the deck edge. The good carbon ones are indestructible. Simple off the shelf regular aluminium is plenty stiff enough. Laser really needs a 1" section. We make all of our own Opti & Pacer(420ish training boats). The grip is the hard part. There are different tapes available. I was able to get a silicone tape locally that lasted for years. One year I got some cheap golf club grips from the local shop. They tend to slide around even when you put them on with hairspray & tape. Keep this in mi
  6. I believe Gouvernail was the ghost writer for this fine work. Decades of repairing beat to shite J Boats and trailer sailors makes him the ideal Expert.
  7. Autonomous, You are making a big point of Structural Fillets. If I were doing this layup I would mix a thick batch of high density and do a larger than normal fillet in the corners. Then run the reinforcing fabric on top of the fillet. Is that what you going on about?
  8. My Dad and a few of my good engie friends worked on the Seawolf design. One of my guys was the composites engineer running the bow dome fabrication program. It was(probably still is) the largest composite structure ever made. The typical hull section was 16" of solid fibre glass/vinylester resin. Many layups due to massive exotherm. The molds were made of steel. The domes of all the US subs are fibre glass so the forward looking sonar works.
  9. Vang sheeting is perhaps the most important skill to learn as a dinghy sailor. Elvstrom is given credit for inventing the kicking strap. Laser sailing down wind with the vang on is sketchy because the boom is long and it's easy to catch the tip of boom in the water and suddenly you are swimming. Letting the vang off downwind accomplishes a ton of stuff. It makes the sail fuller, the rig goes vertical or even forwards, the leach is allowed to move freely. Sailing by the lee is inherently less stable. If done properly and deep enough the wind is flowing in the reverse direction. In ord
  10. It's 270 nm from LI to Norfolk. Open ocean. I've done a few boat deliveries from Mystic to Miami on 40 footers. Scary as fuck at times. Newport/Bermuda is the real deal. The Atlantic is not your friend.
  11. SpaceX is laser sintering Inconel for engine parts. You don't buy that tech at Homie Dopie
  12. It's definitely not a J/22 or J/24 regatta. This clip is the very end of the longer clip. If you watch the previous 30 seconds. They could have dropped the chute before everyone else, potentially sailed faster under the leward boat. Pushed them up gained mark room and been in the lead. At the very least, they are idiots for sailing in between the other boats. What did they use to "goose" that guy?
  13. Why the fuck would you carry a spinnaker in light air between two other boats just before you are about to round a mark? It would be one thing if you were using it as part of the boat to work the overlap rules, obviously this wasn't the case. If you had dropped the chute earlier you might have been able to work around them with increased speed and/or maneuverability.
  14. There is a big issue that hasn't been mentioned. You've got five options. Don't do it, Do it wrong. Almost do it right, Do it right, Over do it in terms of installation. The last two might save the day. The first three may sink the boat. Unless you get your attachment point right on the shear line like in that picture, you are risking water coming into the hull if your attachment point fails.
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