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  1. I have never understood "the thin the 2nd coat" theory. First coat serves as a sanding sealer. Soaks in seals the surface. Raises the grain. Sand it smooth and varnish it. There is no difference between the 2nd & 3rd coats. So why change it? The whole idea is to build coats. You should only reduce if the cured finish quality is not good enough.
  2. Perhaps some of that dyneema fishing line tied to some handles. Kinda like Rasputins mediaval Garrote wire neck slicer. The fishing line is about as thin as you get other than guitar string, which is hard to hold on.
  3. My parents always had a sailboat. I grew up cruising around Fisher's Island Sound on my Dad's Marshall 18 catboat. He was a bit of a mad dog and would solo it out to Block Island(wtf). Later on about 12yrs old I got into junior yacht club racing thru one of my close friends. I got my first Laser at 14. My public HS team went to Nationals. My buddies and I got recruited for the Wednesday nights & Offsoundings on a special custom 32' IOR. I stopped sailing for 5 years and moved to South Australia. Junior/Youth sailing coach. Teach for the Department of Edu. Non serious club dinghy racing. Fu
  4. My mentor had us take all of the winches off of a 1980 32' IOR. We were repainting her so all of the winches came off. This included the 8 on cabin house for all of those halyards and the like. No jammers back in the day. I got the removal job. One of the other young guys was the cleaner guy. He was setup on a table with cooking pan filled with gasoline(petrol). He stood there for the better part of a day washing all of that shite off while breathing those fumes. He was litterly stumbling around. White lithium grease from NAPA was the go. He had been using it every year on the main winche
  5. winches are like automobile engines. There is no fucking point in changing the oil in a car if you rarely drive it. Cabinhouse winches that are used for halyards would never get serviced. They just sit there and get used for 5 minutes every time you sail. If you don't use the spinnaker much, then those rarely need service. The main jib wiches are the ones that deserve some attention. If you are a racer. Weekends, mid week races, then they should be done annually. That's if you are serious. If you are a cruiser(rarely adjust ones sails) then we are talking something like 5 years or when they s
  6. There are two types of boats that have daggerboards. Ones that are designed for shallow water. They are designed so that they can effectively be sailed with the board all of the way up. There are other boats like the sports boats, that have a daggerboard solely for the purpose of transport. It would be pretty sketchy sailing a Melges 24 without the keel down and fixed. We live on a river in AU. Very shallow water. All of the boats have centerboards or daggerboard. I've got a 26' trailer sailor that's similar to a J-27. It's got a fancy hollow stainless daggerboard with 500 kg of lead in
  7. I was over the line early in a 35 nautical mile race. I was in my Laser, the much larger boat to windward was blocking my view of a huge line. Another guy was way over and had to turn back. Long and the short, they gave a few of us a 10% penalty. It took me 5 hrs(300minutes). 30 minute penalty. I lost the overall trophy by 1 1/2 minutes, because I had 30 minutes into the next guy. 10% can make a big difference. Lesson learned don't worry about the start in a 5 hour race.
  8. The decks of Lasers are foam core. People mistake that gunnel bond where the deck & hull are joined are foam. It’s not. Glass bonded to glass with some thickened polyester resin. That goop cracks and falls out. They also bonded some 4” strips along the length of the hull. I don’t understand where you are going to add material without taking the entire deck off.
  9. Our club treats the entire line as a obstruction after the start, primarily because we run multiple starts for dinghy’s of all speeds. We typically do 2-3 laps, which could make it more confusing for guys on the boat. As to the penalty, if it’s in that particular days rules then you need to follow it. They and the rest of the competitors will now read them.
  10. Do you use highly chlorinated water when you wash your pool paint? Bleach burns are no fun...
  11. I14’s are in their own category in my mind. Complicated. Everything is adjustable on the fly. To the point that they have taken a 10 variable problem and increased it to 20 or more. At times it can become a mindfuck. Can we go faster if we pull this? Are we going slower because the angle of this is wrong or is it the tension? They are very cool boats to look at on land. People spend ridiculous amounts of time & money setting them up. I prefer to sail.
  12. He drinks his can of Red Bull and then does some of the most amazing waterman shite the world has seen. Jimmy Spithill should try drinking his Red Bull instead of holding it for the camera...
  13. In AU the progression is Open Skiff to 29er. My friend in Hawaii runs a program where they go Open skiff to 29er or Waszp Opti to 29er is barely possible. You are going from the slowest boat to one of the fastest. The kids almost drown for a season and either switch to Laser/420 or quit all together.
  14. It’s called an Open Skiff(Bic).
  15. We have set of 6 Far East training(school) Opti’s. They use the same racing hull. They come with what we call school foils, sails, and spars. We like them for what they are. The masts are wicked flexy so I depower them properly without messing with the sprit. They cost have the price of the full Far East race boats.
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