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  1. A Root cause investigation is important, so is the sailing! Check the starboard side for both cracks and the potential foam voids. Ian mentioned effected hull id’s in the pdf. Reach out to all the other Corsair dealers to search for potential parts...... this is not a do it yourself fibreglass repair at the component level, but if you can get a port ama with assembled Akas that obviously leads to the quickest return to water. A few calls will set up realistic expectations for this hull. There may be rig issues resulting from this failure.... check everything, twice to ensure you have
  2. Here are two files from the archive that may be of interest BeamCareBulletin.pdf Beam void notice PH.docx
  3. Steve Marsh who runs Finish Line, http://finishlineotc.com, in Florida may have “spare parts”. He has picked up some damaged F27’s in the past or Don Wigston, also in Florida, runs Windcraft. https://windcraftmultihulls.com the New England team you reached out to probably have reached out to them, they all are Corsair dealers. It is hard to tell from the pictures, but one looks like the Aka seam may have separated.....Ian has/had a bulletin probably moved to here: https://fct.groups.io/g/F-Boats/files which seems to have the old yahoo group archives. Could you tell if one
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