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  1. 100% agreed. Its a perfect valid discussion - just not here.
  2. 1 knot is a huge difference tack to tack. Make sure the data you have on performance is correct. Bring a GPS. Understand current. Assume that the data from your instruments is WRONG until you prove it otherwise. Once you have correct data, if you really have 1 knot difference tack to tack, look at big stuff. Are your foils symetric? Is the rudder straight? Is the keel on straight? Are both foils on center line. Then look at the rig. Is it on center line and straight?
  3. Football eats all the mens scholarship at any major football school and at schools w/o football, Mens Basketball does roughly the same thing. In general, Mens Football and Mens Basketball are really the only sports with substantial alumni support. Certainly exception to this but in most places, this is the draw. These are the sports that bring the presiege which draws donor money. Woman have roughly double the number of scholarships in most of the non-commerical sport (e.g. track, cross country, soccer, tennis, etc.) to offset the number of scholarships that these two mens sports chew
  4. Doesn't something have to actually exist in order to be replaced?
  5. If elected, I commit within the first 100 days by executive order to ban the use words like "logic" or "asset" or "rational" in any discussion of boat buying or boat ownership. Further, I will ask congress to pass legislation making it a crime to discourage boat ownership and ban other hateful languages like "was it worth it", "you paid what?" and "those old sails are fine, why do you need new ones?" - my candidate from President.
  6. I've listened to PHRF bashing for years but always encourge those who complain at a 6 sec / mile PHRF adjustment to look at the time spreads in many 1 design fleets. If you simple take SF Bay fleets like J-105 or Express 27, the top boats will beat the tail enders by 30 sec to 1 minute per mile. The best sailors win most of the time and typically by margins that would have PHRF boats screaming for rating adjustments. Beyond the very top levels of the sport, rating just don't have that much to do with who wins and who doesn't. Sailing well on the other hand...
  7. Back on the water this weekend with full crew. Clockwise or counter clockwise...which way are you going and why?
  8. Wow. A 4knt SB and a $1M+ carbon monstrosity all in one package.
  9. Great video. The irony is that I watched this before buying Special Ed and it was part of why I wanted a Wilderness. I was impressed by the ease of recovery from the spin out.
  10. Sold. Thanks S-A for being a great place to advertise and thank Dom for the killer video that got everyone excited. The boat is going into the caring hands of a skilled owner who will do a fantastic job of continuing the fine racing tradition of Special Edition.
  11. Beyond silly. The sailing fixtaion with one design racing is nosensical and frankly bad for the sport. The same owners who laugh off PHRF because some boat gets an extra 6 second per mile then go race in a one design fleet where they routinely lose by 30 second per mile to identical boats. Sure, the top 10-20% of the fleet is sometime close (but not nearly as often as you want to think) but for the balance of the fleet, its not even close. Don't get me wrong, One design is fantastic but the same people will turn up at the top regardless of the format. That boat that is "impossible to be
  12. Yes, I did buy an ad: https://sailinganarchy.com/advert/wilderness-30-special-edition/ Feel free to PM me questions.
  13. Can you share the polars on this? working this out in my mind, seems like puffs should be lifts.
  14. Nah, the bow of Special Edition is more plumb and fuller than the boat in the photo. (at least thats what I remember - been a long time since I visited the boat)
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