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  1. it was a lot of fun but also a bit of a carnage with gusts over 30 knots with sometimes 5 knots of wind in between the gusts. I managed to turtle once and capsize 4 times during the race. very tired after that!
  2. More than thirty teams already registered for the 6 hours race at the Nieuwe Meer in Amsterdam (https://wvdekoenen.nl/laser-6-uren-2021/). Below an old impression of the switch between the sailors (two make up a team and switch after each round) at the dock on the smallest and shiftiest (if that is a word) lake in NL. ILCA and laser fun!
  3. Sailing poland not covering as I would have expected.... Losing a lot of ground this way, not a very good angle. They must be seeing a benefit to this
  4. I always hated the Sunfish until i used one in a (long) race on Curacao last year. This looks like more fun. The only think i do not like is the lack of a window in the sail. Great job!
  5. I think we can safely say that "The laser class" will not succeed. As far is I know now eurilca and all it's member organisations are focussing on getting a better representation in ilca but not on TLC. Next years' Dutch Masters will be an eurilca event as usual. The world sailing meeting in which the TLC application was rejected seems to have sealed the fate.
  6. I have a 12.5 foot row/sail/motor dinghy (lobster 12.5). It is fun to sail, rowing is doable (at approx 6 km/hr, so not very fast) and equipped with a torqeedo electric outboard it serves us well in the A'dam canals. We have sailed it this covid holidays in the Frisian lakes and with the three of us and that was good fun. However, I do love sailing my laser a lot more. BTW I have sailed dutch barges with leeboards and they work fine but on a boat this size i would go for a centreboard.
  7. I needed you yesterday! First time it happened and it is not fun!
  8. I think the market says otherwise. A fairly new second hand laser sells for more than a new 'club laser' here in NL. And if you want to spend say a thousand euro just by an old laser and have fun.
  9. After three days of champagne sailing at the Dutch Masters I can say that we all managed to work great together. The main dealer now stocks both LP and Ovington/ILCA stuff and we had three ILCA sails in the competition, most without the black cross. Everybody just had fun. A lot of fun!
  10. Not a very inclusive message from the race committee, wonder what stuck tape is:
  11. From the NOR of the open dutch sailing championships (https://opendutchsailing.org/app/uploads/NoR_ODSC2020-preliminary.pdf) "3.2 For the Laser Standard Master and the Laser Radial Master fleet the rules of “The Laser Class” (see: www.thelaserclass.com) will apply. This means that master sailors who participate with an “ILCA dinghy” which are not approved by The Laser Class, will not be eligible for the Laser Masters Open Dutch Championship and will only be ranked for the Laser Open Dutch Championship." This means you can become dutch champion in a new ICLA dinghy but not a dutch mas
  12. Two types of boats now available at the Dutch dealer: "Official legal boat for The Laser Class" and "Official class legal Laser sailboat" https://www.sailcenter.com/en/boats/laser/laser/ Choices....
  13. schj


    All closed. I can see my laser but not allowed to take it out..... Weird thing is that my club is completely closed as it is regarded as a sports facility. Commercial marina' s however, are still open.
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