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  1. Has to be a: Corum Admirals Cup Challenge. You should be able to land the real thing for double your budget. or Corum Admirals Cup Legend 42, which looks to be available for anything from 3 to 9 grand
  2. We've sorted Dan. The issue was with a very crowded marina for wifi. Once out on the water everything is working fine.
  3. Needs more tin foil. Can never have too much tin foil on a hat.
  4. Yes, once the course is uploaded to the d10 the rest is hands-free. In windward/leeward mode the waypoints advance based on angle to the mean wind bearing. In fixed mark mode waypoints advance based on proximity. From the phone you can set up fixed marks or laid marks based on distance and bearing from a previous mark, or the committee boat.
  5. A decent MHU is a massive challenge. Takes thousands of hours of testing.
  6. If you really want to take a challenge, a display that can be stitched into a headsail next to the tell tails would be interesting. Both sides of the boom = double the price
  7. What holds back the development of a consumer package for race committees is the economics. How big do you think the worldwide market is for that? 100-200 units? The demand out there is around being able to run racing with less volunteers support. Marksetbot is leading the way there.
  8. Agreed. 18.4 = 17. One in the zone, one out They are both largely one of those "don't be a dick" rules (noting the discussion on luffing boats when they both have kites), along with certain part of RRS18, that about fairness rather than preventing collision and damage. Once again though the issues around resolving this are tied up with the asymmetry introduced by port/starboard. If you really want to clean up the rules port/starboard has to go.
  9. Now we have 15/16 the remaining purpose of RRS17 is to force leeward to gybe for the mark and not sail other boats off the course out of sheer bloody-mindedness. OK it doesn't have a place in match racing, but that doesn't mean that style of aggressive racing is appropriate for everyone.
  10. As well as deck glands (i.e. Scanstrut) running the cable so that it hangs in a U below the unit goes a long way to addressing water running along the cable. Water will then run down the cable to the U and drip from there. In terms of performance wired > wireless, although the difference will be marginal if it's just a repeater. For cruisers and reliability, no battery to recharge/die. For racers, less weight. For the planet, again no battery to eventually die and get thrown away.
  11. Not a problem. Only really happens at mark roundings
  12. The lifting of restrictions has been accelerated here in Ireland. Sport is specifically catered for as of 29th June with full contact sport allowed. Social distancing criteria is changing at that time to consider distance (2m), duration, and environment. That should encourage fully crewed club racing getting going again. Offshore will get going almost immediately, with focus on the 700 mile RORC counting Round Ireland Race in late August. First regatta will likely be at the end of July, with the IRC Nats the 2nd weekend of September. We've seen sales pick up again in the last co
  13. Tone does begin at the top. But that's mostly the competitors who are winning. The PC is a tool available to competitors, nothing more. It just needs to make it protesting easy and fair, giving everyone the opportunity to have their say and get along (if they want to) and apply the rules in an impartial and ruthless fashion.
  14. We put on the jury on the water at last years Irish IRC Nationals. No point in paying IJs to sit around drinking coffee all-day is my book Some uncertainty beforehand but by the first evening we had competitors actively asking for their fleet to be observed. For me, the key is for the jury to be there as a witness for most incidents leaving the choice to initiate a protest in the hands of competitors. Agreeing on a threshold of RRS2 or 14 gives the jury space to take independent action for stuff that they shouldn't be expected to "unsee". Between the 2 these measures keep thing
  15. Wouldn't be getting giddy at that one. England destroyed Ireland upfront, turned them over at will and exposed their unchanged game plan with a 3 man rush defence. Yet England relied on Sexton errors for 9 of their 12 winning margin, failed to secure a bonus point while Ireland failed to convert another 2-3 penalties inside the England 22 into points.
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