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  1. could be a commonwealth show down in the future..
  2. Looks like foiling boats are here for the next cup
  3. Yes there was... Alan Smith from Kerikeri was the last to jump off the bow
  4. more like admirals cuppa ... fuck me
  5. totally agree ... i'm trying to be open minded ... but Te Aihe looks like poetry and the Air Bus looks like a Bumble Bee going from flower to flower
  6. shit good spotting ... maybe they weren't sandbagging ....
  7. Great article , it was just like yesterday..... shit i'm getting old ...
  8. Barker wasn't sacked .... he walked out ....
  9. OK .. i am just one of those guys thats opens and reads this site twice a day and reads anything about Americas Cup shit .. just one of many ... soooo why is this thread still in the Americas Cup thread .... its a nothing compared to the real thing... just a strap on .... so how come it gets so much attention ... why support a rich brats tantrum .. and a stuck up kiwis ego ...
  10. Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit....... Wisdom is knowing not to put a tomato in a fruit salad

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