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  1. While personal income tax is significantly higher than the U.S., and also higher than in Canada, corporate income tax in Finland/Sweden/Norway is actually lower than the U.S., as far as I recall. This is to stem the flow of capital and private business to lower tax jurisdictions(putting aside for the moment the problem of lower wage jurisdictions). What's interesting, is when and at what amount the top personal income tax bracket is actually triggered in these N European countries vs. Canada and the U.S. As I recall, in the mentioned N European countries, the top tax bracket kicks in
  2. Well I'm looking at my over ten year old PreSonus Firebox right now(its been a while since I've used it!), a predecessor to your unit, and yes you're right, I forgot about the extra two line instrument channels in the back of the unit in addition to the main 1/2 XLR/line inputs on the front. Put aside the track count for your electronic drums as they are MIDI/USB and you're still left with only four analog channel inputs, only two of which are XLR. For me at least, the PreSonus has proven useful when recording a one at a time bass/guitar/keyboard direct into an existing digital mix
  3. If ‘casual playing’ involves recording jams live off the floor, look into a multi track digital mixer/recording unit. While the Presonus is good gear, and I’d still get that as well for laying individual tracks straight to the computer, your limited to two tracks at a time. No specific model recommendations, but there’s a lot out there for not a lot of money considering what you’ve laid out on your list. If it was me, I would try to get most of this gear used from a reputable rental department. Why pay retail for basic mics, stands, cables, mixing boards, pa speakers etc. Save your
  4. Yeah definitely a discrepancy. Here, the Mayo Clinic (source data cited on link) has today’s 7 day rolling average at 6.34% and slightly rising. If you select table format as opposed to graph you’ll see 9s for a few days 12 days ago(so maybe backlog reporting from JHopkins) then a dip, then back on a slight rise.https://www.mayoclinic.org/coronavirus-covid-19/map/kentucky Various health authority guidelines are out there as to the safe number for re opening. Successful communities and jurisdictions have re opened at or below 1%. Re-opening is not a blanket term and may or may not involve
  5. https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/region/us/kentucky This from latest weekly running average for KY. Link to full stats above.
  6. No need to go that far. Kentucky 30% vaccinated w 10% positivity rate. Despite a mask policy by Churchill Downs that had in it the provision for removing patrons after a warning and further non compliance, a casual glance through the crowd I’d say that no more than 5-10% kept their mask as part of their costume.
  7. I'm pretty sure the five hole hard clew board is there expressly to bug the shit out of old salts, who on their way to their boat, have to pass by a modern lazy cruiser's self tacking headsail which is often left at the dock untouched for days or weeks w/o a full couple of wraps on it to secure the furled headsail in case of a squall or worse.
  8. I apply the same rational as I would for the 7 million people in India who die every year of ancient preventable diseases like Typhoid and Cholera.
  9. Hi from Ontario where we are hopefully on the downslope of our 3d wave. Here is a snapshot of the demographics of todays 41 deaths. 'Among the latest deaths, two people were between 20 and 39 years old, four were between 40 and 59, 18 were between 60 and 79 and 17 were 80 years old and over.' https://www.cp24.com/news/ontario-seeing-early-signs-of-improvement-as-province-reports-more-than-3-800-new-covid-19-cases-epidemiologist-says-1.5407122 Also, here are the latest weekly demographics on ICU admissions Canada wide. Age 20-29 --2.6% Age 30-39---5.0% Age 4
  10. Question: Could 'depraved indifference' be applied to this(under U.S. law) or is that only applied/attached to the 'intent' aspect of various grades of homicide/manslaughter? Put another way, is 'depraved indifference' a stand alone offence, or just something applied to another offence(murder)?
  11. So are food stamps and safe injection sites simply an inconvenient disincentive on the way to an otherwise boot strap utopia? Lost in the discussion are the narrower definitions of Leninism as it relates to Marxist theory, a recognition of pejorative slang as it relates to Commie this and Commie that, a distinction between Social Democracy and Democratic Socialism, Socialism, Capitalism if it actually exists in a pure form, Democracy if it exists and what it entails, and probably throw in Benevolent Despotism for good measure. If this is a discussion about a Canadian luxury tax, then
  12. So def no toilet bowl cleaner? Just kidding. About a half hour before my mast was gonna be stepped last week I noticed that most the external portions of my halyards had become caked in green stuff over the winter. We store our masts outside on racks and I've always been educated to not wrap them in siran wrap or the like...some guys use a burlap cover or similar on specific portions of the mast...if all the lines are taken out it's o.k. to wrap a mast in siran/celophane but have always understood that its not good for the lines(trapped moisture). Its the first time over winter storage th
  13. Real men prefer the flip flop winch.
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