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  1. On this thread at least, someone offered a dissenting opinion, not a personal attack, and you suggested a better option would be to block him and he told you off. Big deal. And, here is the vitriol that prompted you to haughtily thank another poster for not quoting. Reads more like a very basic (if oft repeated) opinion to me.
  2. Yep, I’ll quote that one, in it’s entirety, even if I don’t agree with all of it. For one, I’ll mention that the region of the ‘Stans’, and more specifically Afghanistan, has been a war torn cesspool of competing extra-governmental warlords and tribal infighting well before the Soviets or the US arrived, and will be long after. Both superpowers have stayed for a period as guests in the region, and the fighting, poverty, inequality, strongman rule and basic human rights abuses have outlasted both of them. It is, and has been ripe for exploitation since well before ‘US intere
  3. Like I said, it’s a sport boat not a gunboat. It’s a cuddy cabin for sure...the version I saw was really well done with ultra suede throughout covering the fore peak, the stowaway head, and the two ample settees that are obscured in this decidedly sub par representation. High end stereo and a simple systems panel and vhf to round it out. As long as activities were to be restricted to being seated or horizontal down below, I think I could hack it for a night or two...in my slip close to a real head and shower...
  4. I thought this was the cool boats to admire thread, not the cockpit cushions and coamings thread. Your statement-or opinion-could probably blanket most open cockpit racers, sport boats and (non traditional throwback) daysailers built in the last 20 or 30 years, of which this design is a hybrid. From the Farr 40 to the Columbia 32 to the VX1 to some of the RS boats, this cockpit design has been widely adopted and if well executed is a tad more comfortable than the flatbed of a pickup. It’s a sport boat/ daysailer, not a gunboat. I posted it to take the edge off that eyebleach open coc
  5. Florida is 10th highest of 52 states in per capita COVID deaths. They had ample time to respond swiftly in the wake of the carnage in NY state but failed to do so. The mayor of Miami had to unilaterally issue a city wide mask mandate early in the pandemic w/o state approval, before ‘the mask issue’ achieved its current level of political football status. Businesses, local governments, schools etc have had to butt heads with an inept governor to ensure there own safety. Had most local authorities and private businesses not taken matters into there own hands, I’m guessing there rankin
  6. TL, In all seriousness, yes I advise people to steer clear of the bight of a loaded traveller. If it’s someone laying down on the cockpit seat, all they really have to due is move their legs from straight to slightly bent without batting an eyelash, so it’s an easy ask. Safety wise, bridgedeck, crosscockpit at seat height or on the cabin sole travellers all equally have a chance of being an issue whether due to gear failure or user error. The most common user error is to forget to cleat the lee side of the traveller before tacking, which is why in most casual sailing scenarios I
  7. My boat for life, which ya I’ve been sailing since before 18, has its end boom sheeting land the traveller right by the wheel, exactly where I need it to...sail the boat. As for lazy crew or people dozing off while tanning on the lee side of a loaded line, as the cockpit cushions(they are split at the traveller so you can still use it)cover a locked, recessed traveller when in cruise mode...that’s where the little guy in the picture comes in. He’s trained to bark when either a traveller gets too loaded or when someone’s tan is becoming to uneven, at which point he’s essentially calling a
  8. Just noticed that the C&C 27 to the right of me and the Mirage33 to the left...both have bridgedeck travellers... ...guess I’m stuck in the middle...
  9. Any assessment of the comfort of an open cockpit twin rudder boat should be done while heeled over going upwind. It’s a long climb from the low side to the high side and a steep drop from high to low. The same applies to the cabin. Dashew had a point in insisting on around a 4:1 length to beam ratio for comfort in a seaway. I’m guessing the Swan 36 would have a comfortable motion partially due to its lack of ‘modern beaminess’. As for a more recent vintage of Swan, friends recently circumnavigated on an RS57, all with one rudder, and reported little to no comfort issues.
  10. Here’s the first piece of electronic gear I’d replace...or rather, install. It’s got a buzzer integrated adjustable audible alarm and will basically duplicate the info from your unit under the lazerette at the panel. Expensive? Sure. Redundant? Except for the audible alarm, maybe. Basking in the warm led glow of your battery’s condition every time you have reason to be at the panel? Priceless.
  11. I’ve watched with amazement a pro rigger swap out speedos on a race boat, still in the water, and walk away from it with full confidence 5 minutes later...just a waterspout until he jammed the new one in there with some epoxy and he was on to the next job.
  12. Ha! Funny you should ask. Still only in beta testing but hey what the hell, how bout a sneak preview. Thinking of calling it the ‘Bikebrella’.
  13. Peeks through the two back corner canvas eyelets of underside of the Bimini where the straps meet the frame. More utility than candlelight but their virtually out of sight until you need them. Ten bucks. Fully waterproof.
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