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  1. Stronger keel as an option. Got it. Def gonna have to keep room in the budget...but if push comes to shove, leather cushions are non negotiable.
  2. On the other end of the spectrum in design and construction standards you can find both a sacrificial laminate on the leading edge of the keel and the notion of a 'crashbox', where the keel bolts, in this case pins, are placed within a sealed aluminum box and the leading pin is a sacrificial fuse pin, meant to breakaway in the event of catastrophic impact. When people think of kevlar as an impact resistant laminate, they are not generally thinking of it as 'absorbing' impact, which in this case, when the kevlar is placed between the outer carbon layer and the inner core, is exactly what
  3. Round here a reporter went undercover as an amazon driver and his report was scathing. After a few weeks at the job I don’t think he once reached minimum wage by the time he’d made all deliveries and returned to the warehouse. These warehouses/ or distribution centres(Toronto) were repeatedly found in violation of COVID protocols, under reporting, hiding outbreaks and were eventually shut down. They were shut down a second time when the chief regional medical officer overrode provincial authorities when enough was enough. A rookie reporter doing a story on this on our national networ
  4. Back in the 80s a guy set out to cross the Atlantic in his Nonsuch 30. Somewhere out there he had to be rescued. I’m pretty sure he lost his rig...though that could have happened after the rescue... It floated onto beach somewhere in the Caribbean basin in Central or South America. The details are foggy but I think the owner wanted to go reclaim the salvage off the fisherman who found it but eventually scrapped that plan. Bottom line was the boat floated a long long way on its own after losing the rig.
  5. As I’m sure you’re aware, when it gets to the biggest waves, the only option is to get towed in by a wave runner. The shape and small size of the high speed boards, as well as the use of foot straps owe a bit of debt to the skurfer, which was developed on inland lakes in the 80s and was actually a bit of a precursor to wakeboarding. The skurfer was buoyant and you could not push water so you had to do a water start like you would with a windsurfer, but with a tow rope as opposed to a boom/wishbone. Eventually wakeboarding diverged to less buoyant boards used today which are way easi
  6. There's always the old school option of having the rudder post enter the hull above the waterline. A lot of boats are/were designed for precise stern squat under motion where a portion of the rudder (and post) get used when in motion but are above the waterline when at anchor etc.
  7. Here's a bunch of no good do nothing fuck the planet up kids displaying zero skill and bothering anyone within earshot or sightline of their boring front lawn.
  8. I used to plant trees as a summer job in N Ontario and the B.C. interior. One summer we spent a couple of months planting a 2 or 3 year old forest fire burn a couple hours north of T Bay. The burn was multi multi thousands of hectares...so our camp was pretty remote. At the end of another long day out on the block, we’d all just finished dinner and were getting busy with a few cold ones. The mess tent was probably 50-60 feet long with a flap entrance at one end and a side flap exit at the other. Picture maybe 6 eight foot long tables lined up together to form 1 large dining table for
  9. fufkin

    Tim Buckley

    Wore out the grooves on Greetings From L.A. a long time ago. Put the word out that I needed another copy and one day a buddy calls me and he's outside the door with a new copy. Great album. Great cover art front to back. Smokin band.
  10. I'm generally not a big fan of using solvents if I don't have to. My general strategy is to start with the least menacing cleaner and go up from there if its not working. Only as a last resort does acetone or another type of solvent/thinner come into play. For rubber or vinyl there are several cheap and cheerful hacks that do a great job. I once got a tip from my local rigid inflatable specialists. What did they use? Vim. Ever since Vim has held a proud and noble spot in the cleaning products bucket. Better than any more expensive 'marine branded' vinyl cleaner. For the rubberized
  11. This might be more boat than your looking for, but here's a good tour of a young family's set up for I think mainly Caribbean based cruising...I think they have a blog. This tri as I recall was an early prototype(?) for what became the Neel 50. They seem to be making it work pretty well.
  12. Give it up for Chuck D 2020 Hall of Fame inductee. Anyone unfamiliar with his rock cred must’ve been sleeping under a ...rock. As for Rage, like they give a shit. Zac’s back and there waiting stage left to blow the roof off of any outdoor venue that can handle them...
  13. If you’re not clear as to what barrier coat is on there it’s probably a good call stick to the original plan and strip everything to bare aluminum and start from scratch with a known aluminum safe epoxy. More work but well worth it in the big picture. When you’re at the full bare aluminum use/switch to a 40 grit or lower to etch it and give the epoxy something to grab onto.
  14. To clarify, the ‘whole drive leg’ has been stripped to bare aluminum twice in ten years. Cheers
  15. Yes the Interlux Interprotect 2000e is rated safe for aluminum. You can hot coat it using a ‘thumbprint’ test...so there’s no reason not to get 5 or 6 coats on it. I have to admit, I tapped out at 4 this season(was down to bare with 6 coats 4 seasons ago and this year you could see some aluminum in spots) so will monitor at haul out. The magnesium(freshwater) anodes and collar get swapped every few seasons as well depending... You could then apply a clear coat finish. I personally never apply paint and am nursing an original 40 year old Volvo drive that’s still in decent shape, though wit
  16. Clearly you guys have no idea what's going on these days in the rapid growth sector of human powered propulsion.
  17. Tuberculosis in India: "According to the latest Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme Report, as many as 4.4 lakh people died in 2018 of TB, which is 29 per cent of the total 1.5 million deaths due to TB in the world. India features among the top eight countries with the highest number of TB cases." https://indianexpress.com/article/india/coronavirus-india-top-infectious-disease-tuberculosis-6365732/ Automobiles in the U.S.: "For 2016 specifically, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data shows 37,461 people were killed in 34,436 motor vehicle c
  18. As for solo stuff, I wore out the grooves on 1984's About Face. I haven't thrown Dark Side of the Moon on in years but I'll throw Dark Side of the Mule on here and there. I love Warren Haynes grittier take on a lot of the super smooth tones of Gilmour's original solos. The band ain't half bad either. Here's a live performance of the material...
  19. At the moment it's business as usual. I got my boat in the water early, a few weeks ago, so I'm ahead of the general vaccine uptake vs sailing season in Ontario. I got my first shot a week and a bit ago...that was as early as I could get it...and I was given a four month window for my second shot. Hopefully it will come sooner for my demographic in my region. So, insofar as I won't be excluding myself from my own boat, I will be allowing partially (or non) vaccinated people on my boat in the near future, just as I did last season. I have a general mask requirement if in close proximity,
  20. Here's a more 'expedition' oriented flybridge cat with a pretty high boom height(though the gooseneck is not sky high, and the rig overall is pretty high). The one good thing about a fly bridge when you're poking around the shore and coral heads, or fishing is it gives you a good view of what's underwater during daylight. What do you guys say? Way too high? Fit for its purpose? Basically a barge and a people mover plus windsurf and fishing platform? Or slightly better than that? https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/2014/anton-du-toit-aluminum-catamaran-2935076/
  21. This may seem like an obvious point but have the jib sheets on and run through blocks pre hoist. Run the leeward sheet back to yourself at the mast(or forestay if you really must do it solo) and within reach while you’re hoisting. When you’re fully hoisted, walk the sheet back to a winch at the cockpit, hopefully within reach of the furling line, then furl. Even in a very light wind you don’t want a big 130% Genoa wandering too far onto the dock or into a neighbours rig once it’s fully raised and still unfurled. Make sure you leave adequate tension on the halyard between the swivel and th
  22. I know a couple that made it work this way. They had means, he circumnavigated with various crew(extended or immediate family mainly) and the wife flew to key destinations because she didn't like long passage making. When the boat was situated, she'd happily enjoy for how ever long etc.
  23. sorry, that should read 'analog to digital live off the floor...
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