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  1. It is not me, but the Gougeon's brothers in their book about wood epoxy construction ! I admit your boats are a lot more tortured. You are a great Artist !
  2. Looks like he tortured the ply but also his mainsail !
  3. Agree, so you have to take into account leeway and refined dynamic model of boat's motion to assess Ackerman utility, if any !
  4. The geometrical Ackerman model showing a boat turning with the hull(s) tangent to circular path and aligned with velocity vector is wrong ! To turn the hulls need a centripetal force which is created by the lift of the hulls and appendages, and they need an angle of attack to the flow. Only model right is Tom Speer's one which take's into account the lift of hulls and appendages !
  5. Jean Luc Van den Heede rounded the Horn against the wind during his last circumnavigation, aged of 73 ! Vendée globe and other west to east racers or recorders are little players compared to him.
  6. Obviously, as I was speaking of hull length, I anticipated 15 kt in floating mode ! Maximum velocity in foiling mode depends on foils wetted area and aspect ratio.
  7. According to the length , she will likely reach over 15 kt in right conditions. The control with a single rudder on the pod could be somewhat tricky !
  8. Looking at the market, unless very expensive technology, all the production Tris finishes much heavier than the designer planned (and heavier than advertised !) !
  9. Looks this boat has never been completed, any news available ? the weight seems realistic If anyone interested , my Strike 20 is able 16 + kt downwind, and 11 kt upwind (VelociteK Doppler GPS data), for sale with complete inventory including carbon mast and boom.
  10. Remember you have a component of the apparent wind equal and opposed to the current velocity ! you have to account for this to get a corrected "true " wind direction. You can also have an effect relating to a gradient of wind direction with altitude which may gives tack assymetries. This look more likely an apparent wind assymetry effect than a boat assymetry.
  11. 50 kg is the minimum rated weight for a 14' Paper Tiger platform, including daggerboards and rudders. The minimum, completely rigged weight achieved for a PT is 73 kg. My homebuilt 4 mm plywood PT platform is at least 60 kg, so you are on the lightweight side for a ply building.
  12. Beware your mast is sized for the increased righting moment !
  13. Impressive work and nice looking ! How does she weight ? Obviously a big boat tender !
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