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  1. Looks this boat has never been completed, any news available ? the weight seems realistic If anyone interested , my Strike 20 is able 16 + kt downwind, and 11 kt upwind (VelociteK Doppler GPS data), for sale with complete inventory including carbon mast and boom.
  2. Remember you have a component of the apparent wind equal and opposed to the current velocity ! you have to account for this to get a corrected "true " wind direction. You can also have an effect relating to a gradient of wind direction with altitude which may gives tack assymetries. This look more likely an apparent wind assymetry effect than a boat assymetry.
  3. 50 kg is the minimum rated weight for a 14' Paper Tiger platform, including daggerboards and rudders. The minimum, completely rigged weight achieved for a PT is 73 kg. My homebuilt 4 mm plywood PT platform is at least 60 kg, so you are on the lightweight side for a ply building.
  4. Beware your mast is sized for the increased righting moment !
  5. Impressive work and nice looking ! How does she weight ? Obviously a big boat tender !
  6. You are right, , very good example !
  7. Likely, you need controlled system to get benefit of elasticity. Natural effect of elasticity may be good.... or bad ! Looks like morphing wings have been tested since a long time to twist the wings, using mechanical control devices.
  8. I got my Bim F 20 cat boat (10.50 m mast), designed with a spinaker, in 1989, the Ventilo F20 cat boat (11 m mast) appeared a little after. They were much faster than original Olympic Tornado and soon, Sailing authorities knocked them with unfair rating !
  9. Looks like some weta sailors use twin tillers on their boat. Twin tillers are used on Trimarans with high volume outriggers able to lift the mainhull, are they really useful on wetas ?
  10. Looks like Nacra 5.80 daggerboard''s trunks when they were built by Prindle 30 year ago , low level technology ! I am glad to be a Homebuilder !
  11. Sorry , max speed reading on my Garmin Foretrex 601, beam reaching....
  12. Agree for the owners claims ! They trust instantaneous GPS readings which are very delusive ! Three days ago I recorded 14.7 kt max speed reabeam reaching on my 14' Paper Tiger, strong wind on a lake, flat water. I was glad to be near my record. Careful analysis of GPS record showed it was more 13.7 kt. However it looks like you can exceed your hull length max speed by surfing on a wave, which is not really representative of boat performance
  13. Convert to a sliding seat and you got a low performance International canoe !
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