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  1. First time I see a convincing video of well driven Pulse 600 with only two person on board. However, unfortunatly, it lacks GPS data, should use a Garmin VIRB X camera instead of a GO PRO !
  2. Shearwaters had hard (plywood !) tramp 60 years ago ! well ahead of their time......
  3. I put him also on my Ignore list !
  4. It looks like the topic about lee helm on a Trimaran suddenly disappeared. I also received a suspicious Mail about my sailing anarchy account. Does the site has been hacked ?
  5. Agree with you, Sail(plane) Several points about max speed of any boat.GPS 10 second mean velocity only make sense as random error on instantaneous velocity may represent several knots. High Surfing GPS velocity (different with planning !) may occure downhill a wave may , but it is a gravity effect (not sails) if you could measure velocity relative to the water (knot meter) it would be much less. Planning is an hydrodynamical regime, different, from surfing, IMHO, planning velocity of a Weta is less than surfing . Any light boat is able high velocity surfing !
  6. Very good boats , last evolution of F40 formula.They were built by Jeanneau French shipyard and one of them was Fleury Michon skippered by Philippe Poupon
  7. From my experience , as former floating A cat sailor, maximum target upwind velocity for an A cat is 11 / 12 kt, anything more is close reaching and your VMG fall down ! VPP prediction programs says the same thing.
  8. Your boat looks very nice, RV64. Could you give details on its dimensions , weight, kind of mast and sailing performance ? Did you built yourself the outriggers or they come from a donor cat ? This the third seaso now for my Strike 20 and I have invested in a 29 m² asymmetric spi, not tested yet.
  9. Looking at the mainhull, it seems it is flat bottom dory shape, like my Strike 15 (Richard woods used this option to simplify buiding) . It has a tendency to slam going to windward in chop (which could be also related to its short length). So I asked Richard Woods to desigh a veed forward bottom on the Strike 20 , and I found the behavior much better to windward.
  10. Hi, RV64 ! Any records of your 2018 sailings ? Here is a photo of my Strike 20 on Sanguinet lake. My rig is now a Hobie cat 21 mast, so the mainsail luff is short !
  11. I am puzzled about the low velocity recorded ! It seems a low speed foiler ? I am faster with my 15 ft floating Tri
  12. Considering the weight, relatively short mast, and 5.80 m beam, you will need plenty of wind to lift the mainhull ! my Tri is 6.10 x 5.10 m with similar weight and I need more than 15 kt to lift the main (just kissing !). I needed very strong waterstays to keep the boat stiff, and also back stays to avoid collapsing the mast (which happens to the first one !).
  13. Multi Thom, I agree, don't need trapeze on an olready beamy Tri. My Strike 20 is 16 ft wide and I collapsed my Tornado mast under compression loads.I needed to add backstays to manage them. https://www.dropbox.com/s/rt2vhoeaooyzkt8/Strike20 to windward.mp4?dl=0
  14. Having built 8 multihulls as amator, I Agree with Waynemarlow, I think you are just dreaming ! Economic constraint at small scale buiding are too high. My last built is a Strike 20 Tri and it takes me one year to build. She use ply mainhull and old Nacra 5.8 hulls, 100 mm aluminium tubes as beams and an old Tornado rig. Nevertheless It cost me around 12000. Euros, and if you account for the labor cost, you can run your own computations.....
  15. I have to take a mooring wiith 3 kt tidal current and wind, sometime alobne. sure 2.5 HP is insufficient
  16. I just fitted a 5 Hp long shaft Yamaha 4 strokes on my Strike 20, after trying a 2.5 HP Suzuki wich proved inadequate with wind and current. Strike 20 is very similar to the pulse 600 and I find the Yamaha 5 HP perfect now.
  17. Is the weight of the boat 370 kg or 450 kg, it is not clear on Corsair pubs, it seems there are two versions.
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