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  1. The races were both shortened by using the starting line at the leeward end of the course as the finish line. It was originally a windward-leeward 2X course, shortened to once around. The correct procedure would have been to create a new finish line that incorporated one of the race marks, in this case the leeward mark. I don't think anyone was disadvantaged in either race so I was surprised that the race was thrown out.
  2. The PRO does not seem inclined to learn. But we all need people to volunteer for race committee, even if they are imperfect.
  3. I was recently in a regatta with an imperfect PRO. The first race in the regatta was sailed in light wind and the PRO decided to shorten the race from windward-leeward twice around to once around. The race committee did not follow proper rules in shortening the race, and a competitor who faed poorly in that race asked for redress with the result that the race was thrown out. This adversely affected me since I did well in that race. The second day, after the first race I was in third place. The second race was also shortened due to a dying wind, and once again the race committee did it improper
  4. I'm a good sailor but my experience is limited to small boats (Thistle, Laser, Sunfish). Some of my family think it would be cool to rent a sailboat in the Greek islands for a vacation, with me as the skipper. We are talking about a large boat, capable of sleeping 12 or so. What would I need to do and learn to be capable of handling such a boat? What kind of certification is required?
  5. This is extremely interesting and also puzzling. I will certainly clean the hull before my next big regatta. Am I correct in understanding that the front part of the hull is more important to keep clean and well faired than the aft parts? And that the foils are the most important of all? The rudder will be easy, but the board less so. I hate pulling it. Thanks all for the great comments.
  6. At a regatta this past weekend I saw a boat dangling from the hoist while the owner buffed the hull with an electric buffer. I've never done anything like that. How important is it to clean the hull? How do you clean your boat?
  7. I've wondered about that, too. Except for one exhibition race at the beginning, we won't all race together but in three fleets, two at a time so everyone races against everyone else. But that will still involve 80 boats which will mean a starting line of 1920 feet. Maybe the launching will be phased like airplane boarding.
  8. Sailing my Thistle in Annapolis last weekend. A friend of the middle crew showed up with a drone, which followed us around snapping pictures. Nice perspective, but the resolution is poor.
  9. There are 125 Thistles registered for Nationals this year in Cleveland. Keys to success: fun boat, low cost entry boats, boats last a long time, lots of great sailors in the class, top sailors help newbies. Nonetheless, the Thistle Class is aging, with too many competitors over 60 and not enough under 40.
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