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  1. Link to the live finish for Clarisse
  2. And in about 8 days we get to do this all again as the 2nd pack arrives for the finish!
  3. A frank talk from the race director
  4. Local day/nite data Sunset: 18:38 Civil twilight (end of dusk): 19:08 Civil twilight (start of dawn): 03:14 Sunrise: 03:46 Moon is 95% full Moonrise 16:50 Moonset: 02:49
  5. Competitor/ Rescuer tracks at LNP source https://twitter.com/malonej/status/1333555252172353537?s=20
  6. Lacking official updates from VG those on station tracks from the diverted competitors are going to be key in determining what the on-water situation is. This is harrowing and I know I am not alone in hopes of a speedy rescue for Kevin.
  7. Sooo, about the dangers of having the main overpowered in a downwind situation, main is hard against the rigging and where as the sporting seas mean you can not turn to windward and spill. What's a gal/guy gonna do? Send a monkey to the mast or let her hum :-)
  8. Let the $$$promotion$$$ begin... SLV_001.mp4
  9. I know, I know...pics or it didn't happen. 100% vegan air bags I assume
  10. You missed the best part when Elayna awash in new found Patreon $$$CASH$$$ went on a Paris clothes shopping spree and bought new tits down under to go with the new garb.
  11. "cause ya just can't get enough...lol Me tinks Outremer will launch the new Greta45 real soon...
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