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  1. An I phone 11 and a gimbal like a zhyun smooth 4 (about 200 bucks) and you could make some pretty good films. I use a Samsung and gimbal, and edit on the phone using the kinemaster app. The films are rubbish but that's more on me than the gear. Kinemaster can have a couple of video tracks and a couple of audio tracks so you can add commentary and music etc. And then just export straight to you tube. Easy as.
  2. Nailed that call. Just saw the video walk through. Piano and all.
  3. Good looking little cat. Looks like it would float an adult better than the hobie 14 I used to have. I would like to see a jib on it but it is pretty cool. Would be interesting to see how it would stack up to a Weta.
  4. Seawind 24 or some other 25 odd foot catamaran or an Ostac Tramp trimaran. Doable for 15 grand and fun, comfortable weekend sailing. Seawinds can be put on their trailer for a winter and tramps are trailer sailers so no worries there. I own a Tramp, but If I had a close by mooring I would have a Seawind 24. I only do day sails and occasional sail camping for a week or so around the Whitsunday Islands.
  5. Yeah I enjoy all his vids, not as polished as... well anyones really but i find them interesting none the less. He sails past my place twice a year (Mackay) and i am hoping to get my boat out to some of the islands he has visited, I have only done the whitsundays and would like to get out a bit further.
  6. This is Simon, every year his wife let's him sail his trailer sailor from Brisbane to the Whitsundays and back. His video work is a bit raw, no tits or bikinis, I don't think I have heard any music either but it is a good, honest, video blog of sailing a small boat up and down the coast of Queensland. I recommend watching a few before making up your mind if you want to follow.
  7. Give the go pro app another go. What you did was use one of the pre made templates. You don't have to use them. Just start a new project without a template and it is a blank canvas. If you have a really old computer it may still have windows movie maker on it which was good and free way back when, it may seem dated today though. Kinemaster Pro is an app that I use on my Samsung android tablet to make vids as well. It is cheap and comparable to the gopro app.
  8. Red Cordial's PhotoRed Cordial 31 Aug 2016 I'll pay for a carton of beer to the first person who posts a video shot in real time, of them driving up with a boat secured for a decent drive, raise the mast, stow the mast raising gear, attach the halyards to all three sails, put the outboard on, launch the boat, park the car, get back on the boat, unfold it and pull away from the dock in under half an hour. I will give it a go this weekend. XXXX gold will be fine😊 I should add that most of that shit i leave on the boat set up to save time. The only things i really pack away are th
  9. This is me launching my Haines Hunter Tramp trimaran. About 30 minutes with some errors and not rushing. Jetboy, the floats get folded out as i am motoring away and take mabey a minute each to bolt down.
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