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  1. all the girlies are here! :)

    are you?

  2. oops. every one in a while i forget to ignore this thread.
  3. I am all for not blowing through all our planet's resources in a single generation but... Most of the dunderhead eco-twits don't have any solutions that stand up to the least diligent scrutiny. Solutions that put us living in mud huts just won't fly. At the most basic level there isn't enough real estate for single-story hovels. And the fact that they need a complete rebuild every year or two starts to tax the supplies of suitable earth and straw and water. And it will be a hard sell to accept movie stars in dirty clothes that smell like ass. And since there would be no fresh water, sewa
  4. Watch Pecker first. Classic. Jeez, I feel like I just fell off the turnip truck. Never heard of John Waters, looked him up (ain't the internet great?)... and never heard of any of his movies either (except for Hairspray). "A Dirty Shame" may be the most instructive in this context. The farther back you go in the catalogue the more jaw dropping the atrocities.
  5. Had to look this one up in Urban Dictionary.... fucking hilarious! you need to watch all of John Waters' movies before you post here again.
  6. "...how lucky I am to have made it through what I have for a lifetime to enable me to attempt to live my wildest, highest dreams that I could conceive..." he just sailed right by Pitcairn Island without even looking at it. This high wild dream of his just doesnt add up to anything. (Except of course evading authority for a few years.)
  7. you will always have 5 stars in my book!!

  8. jeebus, whewnever I look in on this thread, all I can say "it what the fuck is this all about", it's like being drunk first thing in the morning. NTTAWWT.
  9. Property Directory|Wholesale Billiards|Wholesale Batteries|Stock Brokers Directory|UK Dropshippers|UK Wholesale Suppliers wow. this thread is so famous it gets its own SPAM.
  10. this is going to become not funny anymore very soon. I wonder, what is the obligation of the racers, as they go by, to offer assistance...then if there is an actual situation immediately threatening to life, to take them off and carry them to the next port of call..?
  11. I believe she is not halucinating or nuts, and I wonder if their boat, being a stationary garbage scow has attracted a flock of raucous pooping and pillaging large birds..?
  12. good work! In retrospect it's kind of amazing no one thought of joining SA as 'Ried Stowe' sooner.
  13. the highly significant 1000th post on this thing, and thats the best you could do?
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