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  1. Did you have a stroke or something? I seem to recall your posts being more legible in the past lol.
  2. Proof that women are equally capable of shitting all over a perfectly good thread. SA is an equal opportunity shit pot.
  3. They are decent. Buy now! 25% off on series 400 dacron for black friday. other stuff on sale too. Like an idiot, I paid full pop in the spring on a sail that didn't get used this summer and buddy said "There's nothing I can do" when I asked for a price break on repeat business. Kinda pissed to see this sale now.
  4. I wouldn't recommend the San Ysidro crossing but I was also crossing in the reg vehilce line in a P/U. The freeway definitely just ends with some super tight ramps & jersey barrier slaloms. Would definitely try to cross with semis and RVs. When will this be happening? I might be able to scout it out for you in the spring.
  5. Good on ya for answering the call to adventure. The millennial "life is shit and I want to die" mellow dramatic bullshit is making me roll my eyes though. I wonder if you'll have second thoughts while your lungs are filling with water. Maybe do some more prep, plan on surviving and use this as an opportunity to build some character. You're too young to give up and life is an incredible experience that you may only get once.
  6. As said, La Paz is much better. I live here. Let me know if you need crew for the day. If it's just a day trip you can probably make it to Isla Espiritu Santo and back but you won't have time to swim or anything.
  7. Still trying to figure out if this is a troll... if not, I think the screws have come loose and the marbles are probably in the bilge.
  8. Well keep me posted. I'm really up in the air about taking my boat. I'm realizing that the biggest problem is going to be powering it without the wind. There it too much stuff in the way in my cockpit for oars and I have no idea how I would make a pedal contraption work. It might be better suited to something with a wheel, more open cockpit or something that has had an engine ripped out. I need to do more research and I might not be able to pull it all together by next spring considering that I will be in Mexico for 6 months. I may be better off hitching on someone elses boat or goin
  9. Are you going to try solo again?
  10. I have sailed all through desolation sound so I'm familiar with the weather, flotsam and currents. My only real concern is the waves but that is probably my inexperience speaking. Lee shores is also a concern considering the lack of power. The boat is good but it'll mean spending some more money on it to really rig it properly and yes, I'm thinking I would do it solo. 4000lbs is probably a good estimate, if not 4500. I think the rated displacement is 3600 but I bet it's sitting at 4000 right now without the extra gear and food etc. Power is the big issue. It doesn't have an i
  11. Ya, I've been looking at that. Looks like a LOT to digest. That said, it's a book that should probably be on the shelf.
  12. I've got an Ericson 23. I would have to figure out what to do for power and I'm guessing oars is probably the best option. I was fully intending on jack lines, that isn't even an option. I'm thinking I should give it a try. Worst case scenario, I drop out early.
  13. I'm toying with the idea of entering next year. How zesty is this race? I'm guessing I would just being doing it for fun/experience as I highly doubt I can be competitive. I also don't have life lines on my boat and I imagine I would need to install some.... What are the chances of needing a sea anchor for the open stretches or can you safely wait out the weather? Maybe I would be biting off more than I can chew.
  14. lol ok.... Bump a ledge? TDs? Strings? SA? Lots of strange (to me) terminology there haha. But ya, I can only imagine what a huge difference that made. Thanks and yes, that's exactly what I'm talkin' about!! Thanks. Ya, I'll probably try to pick up hard copies if they are good reading as I'm not going to read 500 pages on my laptop. Thanks for the contribution! Ha, that's where I'm living for the summer. I'll be in Mexico for the winter again. And that's why I love SA That's awesome! Did you make any written contributions to the book
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