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  1. Was being a bit facetious with the comment. At the same time, even brilliantly lead teams can/do get it wrong. My understanding is they have admitted to an incorrect assumption from day one. They knew gaining end plate advantage by flying low would be an advantage, they also discounted it on the assumption the stable flight required was not achievable. Hard to blame them, the rules they raced under, especially the short time in the start box where created using the same assumption. But no matter how well lead, one wrong assumption at the beginning can lead you off into the weed
  2. Not sure that anyone really wanted to leave. The problem was more the uncertainty of whether TNZ was going to have the funds to keep going. When money troubles hit people look for security, often this means a new employer. As long as Dalts finds the money things will be sort of okay. But there will always be a hesitation on how they were potentially shut out. Plus their friends, from whatever country, not presently working for a team have been shut out. Would certainly put a sour taste in my mouth. As for legality, don't see why not. A 'pro' sport team having a nationality clause wou
  3. Pity the Brits didn't leave all the empire shit to Belgium, Spain or France. The world would be a much better place.
  4. Never, you are a one of a kind. Stay that way please.
  5. I would agree that the design team is more important, always has been. Which makes it even more obvious the nationality rules are an asshole move by Dalts to prevent anyone leaving. This is the only reason, the claim of taking it back to its origins is just a straight out lie. If he had wanted to do this he would have insisted the design team was the part in the nationality rule. He would have also removed any standard, supplied parts or selling of design plans. So just a shit hole move, depriving others of a chance to get a spot. All because the magic fund raiser had no funds.
  6. Do you speak badly of all Russian and German leadership of today for the sins of those two, or is it just the Brits that get to wear the stain of those that went before them. Mao was also a bit of an asshole so all Chinese leaders, how about Greece and Italy? Seems you have a real bug up your ass over the Brits, more so than the others. In the end it is your opinion, much like mine sees the Duke as a man that accepted a sense of duty to his wife and adopted country. One he has fulfilled fairly well over a number of decades. My feelings on the royal family and its continuation have no bear
  7. Yet in the subject of British history you have a blind, visceral hatred that shines through like a beacon. You allow it to stop seeing any good in anyone involved in the British system, no matter who or what. I can only surmise why you feel this way, but you make the IRA and its supporters look like peaceful moderates. More a reflection on yourself than the ex-Empire you rail about.
  8. And there it is, the ego and push back because someone doesn't bow down before the know all bully. I will leave your to your bitterness and certainty of your amazingness. Openness of the mind is something you left behind in your distant youth, assuming you ever had any.
  9. Wow, some really judgemental cunts on here. Nice to see true colours I guess. Neither of the two worst ones surprise me at all. One has an ego the size of a large country, the other just lives up to the reputation of their country of origin. Good or bad, Philip showed a sense of duty missing in many these days.
  10. A puckered mouth like a dog's bottom. Great line from Roald Dahl that would suit Prof AJ.
  11. This is a great idea. If we pump enough sea water out of the ocean to make fresh water for growing things in deserts, there will be no sea level rise to worry about. In fact we might suck to much water and sea levels will drop, killing all the creatures around the shoreline. So we will need to speed up melting the glaciers to keep pace with the big pumps and big pipes running on almost free energy. We will also need to keep them from reforming and lowering the sea level below the pump intakes. So burn oil and coal as much as possible. We'll, apart from China, they are already doing their
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