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  1. Fine, yet if I made any noise that your previous 'murderous idiot' Actually did some good things you would climb down my throat. The reality is never black and white, but that is a conversation that belongs elsewhere.
  2. And B&T fell for the bullshit? They are basing career defining moves on a baseless bunch of AC Anarchy whispers? You become a bigger idiot every day.
  3. Apologies, not as good as a youthful knee trembler I guess.
  4. Good point, will try and let them know. I knew this place could work it out.
  5. If mutual consent breaks down then the present challenge becomes a Dog match. I think...
  6. Also interesting that the team has been trying to get B&T signed up but they are not playing ball. It gives the impression that the venue choice is a big thing for them. Plus some ocean climate change thing they are passionate about. Is Nat there because the team thinks the dynamic duo aren't coming back?
  7. We still haven't started booster shots in NZ. Seems our scientists need to test it and research it properly before they can let it be used on us Kiwis. Seems we have a different physiology to all other humans, so need to be very careful. Plus maybe we have a badder version of it. Our leader has told us that our version is 'tricky' and that it 'hunts down the unvaccinated'. Anyway, be nice if they could follow the science a bit quicker, my booster is due in 3 weeks.
  8. Got nothing to do with the team being broke, if he wants to be involved he has zero choice. Accept whatever peanuts the team offer or get back in the commentary box. Oh wait, he could sail for one of the many emerging nation teams that are sprouting up all over the world.
  9. I wonder when our leaders will decide booster shots are a good thing, because there are already people that should have it. I have 4 weeks and I should be up for one. Follow the science, yeah right. I guess it is a result of doing it early, they figure you are docile and won't notice you are being shafted. Now you get rewards, local site had draws for chainsaws etc if you finally got off your arse. Was tempted to just line up for another.
  10. But don't you need to burn coal to make coal ash...
  11. Good thing the team is a National Team and a representative of NZ only in the eyes of one4theteam. As a private, pro team they can race wherever they want. Their only limitation is a large enough pile of strings free cash.
  12. You went on about what would happen of >75% got the virus in a one year period. Who cares, it hasn't happened and is not going to happen. So fear monger away my dear, lose sleep about the impossible. No fucks given this end. As for what has happened, sure lots have died, it is a bummer on a world wide scale. Will it cause me to lose sleep over it, no way dearie. What is the point of worrying yourself to death over something you can not change. Do what you can to protect yourself and get on with shit. Whimper under the bed about how life is just so unfair as much as you desire if i
  13. That bit there shows you have zero knowledge of what is going on over here.
  14. And if the world's temperature rose 5 degrees in a year all hell would be let loose. So what, it hasn't and it won't so why should I bother losing sleep over it. I may not know much about history, but you sure as fuck know lots about fairy tales. Hiding under your bed because the sky is falling.
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