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  1. Rare, short video footages of K1 with Blake on the helm in light winds here .... https://www.gettyimages.nl/detail/video/nieuwsfootage/919374580
  2. what a sad news ... I have followed Philippe Guillard's activities since longer. This pro was steadily an "experimental vessel" which I'd like to see as an important milestone in modern boat building of cruising proas. I liked her agility and performance as documented in some few videos. A tragedy it is lost. Phillippe had offered a co-ownership on his website for this unique boat. Did he lack of finances to keep it running in good shape and upgrade it with modern safety and navigation equipment ? - Just structural failure because of collision with unidentified floating object ? Hope
  3. ... agree. That's my personal experience, too. Actually I look in the market for Tris in the range of 40 ft. Are you sailing a Kelsall ? - Have you built one by yourself ? - Some of his elder and bigger Racing Tris are still in the market. 1st is a 60 fter, built 1982, 2nd is of 42 ft built in 1967. - I like their feel & look. Like Dinos ... :-)
  4. Holy, Moly ... congrats for Frog, GM. What an impressive mashine. I appreciate it you give us fellows an insight into your laboratory. You are one of these genius "Gyro Gearloose" who gives us sailors awesome boats to sail. P.S.: If you don't mind, will send you a PM about Jim Young's 40 footer.
  5. oh, gosh ... luckily the all mighty didn't let me grow so big (6' 11" = 210.82 cm). I meant: 6.11 ft = 1.86 meters size, calculated inclusive shows/boots on. :-) There are out some tri designs starting at 10 meters length like the Farrier Command 10 which have this headroom.
  6. I am not confident with the details of the F40 rule set. In my understanding it might be an individual definition/sales argument by the boat owner himself, citiation (from eBay): "Bowsprit - Carbon Fibre Pole - this extends the LOA to 40 ft making FX35 a F40 class." - Is this right ? Anyhow... the prize is reduced 10 % meanwhile from 29,900.00 British Pounds toi 26,995.00. By sure an interesting "project". I'd calculate another 40 Thousand Euros to invest to make it a real cruising-racing mashine, as I'd like not just have day-sailing experience. I had been in direct contact with the
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