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  1. I got my sensor from Mouser.ca. I am assuming i connect it to the analog input. Can you help me to set up mast rotation on my WS310, H5000 Hydra and Zeus 3S? I have an analog mast sensor. (Honeywell smart position sensor SPS-A100D-HAMS). It has- Sensing range of 100°. Output voltage: .5Vdc to 4.5Vdc. (10% to 90% of 5Vdc) Supply voltage: 6VDC to 24VDC
  2. Can anyone help me with the connections and the settings to connect the Honeywell sensor to the B&G H5000 Hydra? Or point me in the right direction.
  3. Garmin GRF 10 Rudder Feedback Sensor. Could this unit be connected to a rotating mast and adjust a Garmin GND 10 and gWind to give TWS and TWD?
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