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  1. Must be fun to hear captain Huusela welcoming you aboard this Finnair flight to somewhere when you fly on Finnair... probably the only airline in the world to have a VG finisher commanding one of its planes...
  2. Bravo Ari ! Nice to see people came out in numbers to congratulate him...
  3. Interesting to see how a school followed Kojiro in Japan... different cultures, but the same interest for adventures at sea.
  4. Bravo Kojiro ! Nice to see Kojiro Shiraishi well surrounded when he finished, Bilou, Yannick Bestaven and Jean Le Cam were there to congratulate him...
  5. If it had to be someone else, I'm glad its Louis.. I hope Armel gets another good boat for 2024.
  6. A touching article about Damien Seguin's visit to one of the kids who followed him during the Vendee Globe... https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=fr&tl=en&u=https://www.letelegramme.fr/morbihan/gourin/gaston-et-damien-main-dans-la-main-16-02-2021-12705113.php
  7. An article on Ari's path to the Vendee Globe... he didn't do figaros, but came to imocas through minis (two mini transats in 1996 and 2007), then a route du rhum in 2014 on a pogo 40, and then two transatlantic races and the bermuda 1000 on his imoca in the past two years before doing the Vendee... while being an airline pilot for Finnair https://www.imoca.org/en/news/news/ari-huusela-the-long-voyage-to-the-vendee-globe
  8. I hope Armel gets a new boat, hope to see him on the next VG in a competitive boat, it really sucks if he was not involved in the decision and just told about it out of the blue on the phone... only worse thing would have been to be told by sms, or through the press...
  9. The English version of Clarisse's press conference, the voice over translation is terrible, way too approximate, but better than nothing... the press conference itself was good
  10. The 15th to 20th group is pretty packed... will be quite a battle to the finish
  11. Ari Huusela doing 20 kts at the back... speeding along
  12. Amazing sunrise from Ari Huusela...
  13. Whats really matters is that no one got hurt... and he even made it to the finish... the rest (damage to the fishing boat and mazilia) will be taken care of by mazilia's insurance company...
  14. Great press conference... epic Jean
  15. Yes, he asked if it was Saint Julien and they said it was... unbelievable to hear about his delamination issues... he was basically sailing under a Damocles sword since the kerguelens... interesting to hear him explain the stress it created and how confidence in his second repair strengthened as he went along... The emotions when he embraced his wife and then his two daughters... lots of love. Emotions all around too with Vincent Riou and Kevin Escoffier, those three have a unique bond.. the from saved to savior trio, and with Bernard Stamm, one of his good friends... Beautiful.
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