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  1. 5 hours ago, yl75 said:

    If Armel learned about it through the press (he didn't seem to know about it in his press conference), it seems to me L'occitane is exiting the game, and not planning a new boat for Armel for the next edition.

    I hope Armel gets a new boat, hope to see him on the next VG in a competitive boat, it really sucks if he was not involved in the decision and just told about it out of the blue on the phone... only worse thing would have been to be told by sms, or through the press...

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  2. Yes, he asked if it was Saint Julien and they said it was... unbelievable to hear about his delamination issues... he was basically sailing under a Damocles sword since the kerguelens... interesting to hear him explain the stress it created and how confidence in his second repair strengthened as he went along...

    The emotions when he embraced his wife and then his two daughters... lots of love.

    Emotions all around too with Vincent Riou  and Kevin Escoffier, those three have a unique bond.. the from saved to savior trio, and with Bernard Stamm, one of his good friends... Beautiful.

    The chat around a glass of wine was fantastic, he's just so true to himself, it was really a great channel entry and docking.. . I loved it

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  3. 26 minutes ago, sunol said:

    Boris Hermann video

    Respect for doing such a video in such circumstances to reassure everyone, collected, lucid, and efficient... good to see he's safe (but understandably incredibly disappointed), collision at full speed with a fishing boat could have gone way worse...

    Stretching things a little he "may" still catch 3rd place if his other foil works wonders when he'll gybe and the rig can take it, but more realistically at worst considering his current speed I guess he'll come in 5th, nothing to sneer at in a VG, but yes, extremely disappointing considering how he was positioned when it happened.

    He's so close to the line he might as well make it or break it, if it breaks he's close to shore and rescue boats, I don't know...

    On the bright side if something like that is going to happen, better it be right before the line,  it may be harder morally but at least you get to finish the race (may have been a retirement if it happened out on the oceans) and in a very respectable place in this case.


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