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  1. Dalin press conference (english live translation):
  2. Boris's AIS has been out of order for a long time... JLC complained about it a little when they were all sailing within visual range in the indian, because a dead AIS makes it a little more complicated for those around you, so its at least since the indian...
  3. "IF" Louis finishes in 3.5 and Boris in 11, that's a 7.5 difference, Louis would be 3rd
  4. We'll see if Boris Hermann can still make the line in time to be in front of Louis Burton... even if Hermann can do only 7-10 kts Louis needs to cross the line about 45 - 60 nm ahead... Louis better keep pushing
  5. Tv Vendee is supposed to have a special edition here starting at 18:00 CET, not sure if its geoblocked or not though... https://tvvendee.fr/le-direct/
  6. JLC is very hard to call... depends what the incoming strong LP does... he may profit from it or find himself in nasty sea states that will slow him down... he could end up anywhere between 5th and 8th in the rankings imho. Better would be awesome but unlikely. Looks like the first 4 will be Bestaven, Burton, Dalin, Herman... I put them in alphabetical order but who knows in what order they will finish the race. Looks like Dalin will cross the line first (Burton could, but...), but will he have enough of a lead to win the race? We'll see..
  7. According to the Telgramme two new boats are for sale, we already knew about Sea Explorer on sale for 2.7M€ The new ones that are said to to be up for sale are Hugo Boss for 4.7M€, and Charal for 4.5M€ https://www.letelegramme.fr/voile/a-vendre-imoca-entre-2-7-et-4-7-millions-d-euros-25-01-2021-12694184.php
  8. Louis Burton is on his last rations
  9. Last but not least... you did it Ari ! Skoal !
  10. Imagine... the first 9 boats finishing in under 24 hours... after racing non stop round the world for about 3 months, and racing hard !... wow...
  11. No videos lately... he must be very busy or taking as must rest as he can before the final push. Yes We Cam!
  12. Ari Huusela still managed to find some sunshine, as cool as always... weather for his cape horn passage looks like it may be tonic
  13. Thanks yl75 ! The screenshot of an early version of macsea on page 21 is epically retro. Cool magazine btw..
  14. A little trip down memory lane... an old documentary that covers the first edition in 1989... a true 80s time capsule, and even if its in french the images should speak somewhat for themselves.
  15. An article from a couple of days ago (hope it wasn't posted already) on Michel Desjoyeaux's take on Louis Burton's race, and what's to come, translated from https://www.scanvoile.com/2021/01/michel-desjoyeaux-analyse-la-course-de.html Michel Desjoyeaux analyzes Louis Burton's race and seems confident for the future, "he should keep a good pace". First to cross the equator last night, Saturday January 16, one hour ahead of Charlie Dalin, Louis Burton is playing at the front of an intense Vendée Globe. The race at the front of the fleet is grandiose as they attack the North Atlantic, a
  16. For those interested, here is the video of Jean Le Cam's engine "tinkering", ah, there are subtitles now... so... good Concerning the problem itself, the front mountings (the youtube translation isn't very faithfull to what he said) detached/separated from the boat 3 or 4 weeks ago. And of course he's not talking about "cruise liners" at the end, but just regular cruising sailboats (the stairs are usually also the engine cover and you lift them to access the engine).
  17. Translation of today's Jean Le Cam update on the FR VG website : Jean Le Cam (Yes we Cam!) was on video-chat this morning. He talks about the doldrums and gives his analysis of the race for the head of the fleet. He doesn't make any predictions because for him, it is impossible to predict! "Some people said that the doldrums would not be very active... Well (he laughs) as it turns out, the winds are very erratic! Currently we are in the famous doldrums, this zone of convergence of two weather systems. It's a windless zone, and the further north you go, the faster you can get out
  18. I'm still rooting for a Louis Burton, Damien Seguin, Jean Le Cam podium (in no particular order)... come om guys ! Chances are incredibly slim, but everything is still very much in flux in the race... we shall see... Yes We Cam !
  19. Lat update on Sebastien Destremeau on the FR side of the VG website (DeepL translated): This morning, after weeks of struggling valiantly against serious damage, Sebastien Destremau threw in the towel. The skipper of Merci has been heading since this morning to the port of Dunedin, in the South Island of New Zealand, or to Christchurch, which is easier to access and where he will find the equipment to repair. Sébastien Destremau will have gone to the end of his adventure, with amazing patience and perseverance. Setting off on the race after obtaining additional time to get his boat u
  20. Here is the DeepL translation (slightly reformated) of the excellent article found by cortosam and shared by yl75, thanks guys Exclusive interview: Christophe Auguin judges "the incredible paradox of this Vendée Globe". Christophe Auguin has made himself rare. Based in Uruguay where he manages his farm, the winner of the 1996-1997 Vendée Globe - who is also the only sailor to have won three solo round-the-world races - agreed to answer our questions. He has a particular, free and (very) far from politically correct outlook... For 16 years now, Christophe Auguin has been establi
  21. Sebastien Destremeau really seems to be heading for New Zealand (04 UT update)... his boat must be too beat up to go for cape horn
  22. He means "send business my way"...
  23. A new message from Isabelle Joschke... she's now heading to Salvador da Bahia, she should be there in 10 to 15 days.... and at 1:05 she deeply thanks all the netizens and others who have sent her encouragements, it was important during this tough week, nice. Really love this sailor.
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