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  1. A little night time grinding...
  2. I love it too... she's something.
  3. Jean Le Cam must be putting his J2 back up, after having repaired it over the last few days, its a sail that is never supposed to be brought down, so its a lot of work to bring it down and bring it back up again, might explain his being distanced these past few days and virtual standstill right now... we'll see if he picks up speed again by this evening... come on Jean, Yes We Cam ! Louis Burton and Damien Seguin... hehehe... come on guys ! It would be so so sweet if one of these lower budget boats wins it or makes the podium. A big budget boat winning would have as much appeal as a
  4. In one of her last videos she said it was important for her to cross her track down the atlantic, a sort of symbol of having made it around the world in a way... in the past few days she's been going straight for her down the atlantic track, she's nearly there... then she'll be heading for a port... that seemed to be the plan anyway
  5. Yes, and no it doesn't, they say its not structural but still... so many issues on his boat, I'm really sorry for him... looks like he wants to go around anyway and possibly finish the race, but man... I hope he'll be ok
  6. Ari Huusela gives us a tour of his electric compartment...
  7. Impressive resolve, but... he's a real masochist... About halfway after 65 days... its going to be very very tight to finish the race, the time limit is 163 days to finish the race. He already finished a VG, so he doesn't really have anything "new" to accomplish now... but he does seem to be enjoying it in a way...
  8. Still feeling for Isabelle... Jean said it all really, I have nothing to add. It was an impressive race from Isabelle. Getting such a spontaneous and thorough commendation from Jean Le Cam is... something.
  9. A very nice article on Jean Le Cam was published on FranceInfo today... https://www.francetvinfo.fr/sports/voile/vendee-globe/vendee-globe-jean-le-cam-le-tonton-flingueur-des-mers_4246611.html Vendée Globe: Jean Le Cam, the "Tonton Flingueur" of the seas Even if he will probably not be the first to cross the finish line at Sables-d'Olonne, the 61-year-old Breton sailor, dean of the fleet, is the undisputed star of the 2020-2021 edition of this solo sailing around the world. "He's a true sailor at heart, for the fun and for the win. Come on Jean, King Jean, impr
  10. Isabelle on her retirement from the race, she's extremely sad of course...
  11. Jean Le Cam has a message for Isabelle
  12. Maybe the pin failure is collateral damage to a foil hitting a UFO yesterday (a small piece of the foil broke off according to Isabelle)
  13. I found Tip&Shaft position report really good this week, it was mostly about Damien Seguin, Jean-Charles Monnet being the technical director of Damien's Apicil team. (Its in french, maybe someone will have time to do a transcription/translation, I'm too busy right now). https://www.tipandshaft.com/podcasts/posreport/episode10-nicolas-lunven-jean-charles-monnet/
  14. The page is still available as a "cached" page in google search : https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:https://voilesetvoiliers.ouest-france.fr/course-au-large/vendee-globe/vendee-globe-charlie-dalin-la-mer-etait-tellement-pourrie-que-les-foils-n-ont-servi-a-rien-68ca02f2-504a-11eb-b1ca-b08b144051f1
  15. Pure happiness... priceless. Go Armel !
  16. Benjamin Dutreux is having a phenomenal race, he's super discrete, but flawless race so far... chapeau ! Still 4 non foilers in the top 10...
  17. A thing to know about ocean racing, is that there is no segregation or distinction between male, female, or whatever, and it has always been the case. No official classification takes into account sex. From minis to imocas to unlimited multihulls, there are only... sailors. The rest... makes for fun and animated discussions, but it really doesn't matter. No woman has won the Vendee Globe yet, but its more a matter of less women participating and fate than sailing performance. Ellen Mac Arthur (what a sailor... one of my favorites... I have many) would have won if not for her equipment fai
  18. I'm totally sold on Armel's demo of the hand lotion... seems to work wonders
  19. The same plane (A400m) seen by Benjamin Dutreux as it was overflying him
  20. He worked on his boat and it prepared it with Jean Le Cam too... I posted another article about their work together on their boats a couple of weeks ago. Seems like their collaboration has been fruitful... for both
  21. Damien Seguin celebrates his cape horn passage with us... cheers !
  22. Isabelle is gutted too... Courage Isabelle ! Its going to be a pain to get to the finish with these wounds, not being able to push the boat, but you're racing exceptionally well anyway, a million bravos ! We'll see what the Atlantic has in store...
  23. A fun article on the life of the sailors that end up at the back of the fleet in past Vendee Globes: https://www.francetvinfo.fr/sports/voile/vendee-globe/mon-sponsor-m-a-demande-de-finir-dernier-les-galeriens-du-vendee-globe-racontent-leur-grande-traversee_4174941.html "My sponsor asked me to finish last": the galleymen of the Vendée Globe tell about their great crossing They knew from the start that they would not break the race record and that they would see the podium contenders from afar. They tell of their extended world tour, which they ended up completing. “A Vendée
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