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  1. Yes Stief, a long way to go for those at the back, whether still in the race or not, I hope they get better weather. I'm feeling for Sebastien Destremeau... he's still far off Tasmania (his destination right?) and the boat seems to be all over the place, looks like hell. I don't know how he does it but Ari Huusela is always so cool, I love how he's doing his VG, usually he always finds a sunny spot for his videos, but in the recent onboard videos things seem to be harder, maybe he's fed up with the southern oceans too but he still has a long way to go to get out. I hope he manages to fini
  2. Everyone seems so fed up with the southern oceans... lol... as Jean Le Cam said in Vendee Live FR they had execrable southern oceans this year... everyone is in a hurry to pass the horn and looking forward to the atlantic.
  3. Armel Tripon update, he is taking it little more easily until cape horn, to not break anything, and plans to go on the attack in the Atlantic.
  4. After the last update closing in on the horn, Damien Seguin... neck and neck with Ruyant to pass 3rd at the horn... beautiful... go go go Damien ! Louis Burton.... epic... after all the time he spent playing atop the mast behind that big rock, and everything on his boat falling apart left and right, there he his... in the chase with the best of them ! Go Jean, Go Isabelle, Go Damien, Go Louis ! Catch those damn boats up ahead !
  5. News from Isabelle Joschke... She's as impressive and wonderful as ever, but things are really complicated right now... I made a summarized translation after the video. Summarized translation: (0:10) She was getting some sleep in, waked by her alarm clock for the video rdv, she had a long night because the day before she lost her last working wind gauge, the boat made a 180 in 30 knots of wind and broken seas which was tricky to recover. (1:12) She doesn't have any wind information anymore, so running is complicated as she has to monitor the boat's heading consta
  6. Going for the horn at speed with Isabelle Joschke... Edit: Oops, just posted above
  7. Happy new year everyone... cheers
  8. The kids at Jean Gillet school in Plemy singing "yes we cam" https://www.facebook.com/LeCam.jean.29/videos/3610467222375872/ The chorus goes something like this: Yes we cam! Yes I cam! We all support Jean Le Cam He's a real sailor at heart for the fun and for the win Come on Jean, king Jean and his impressive record You cross the ocean always carried by the wind Looks like there's a new dictionary entry Cam verb past : camed , present singular & plural : cam Definition of cam auxiliry verb 1 :to be able to do, make, or accomplish something awe
  9. Yesterday Maxime Sorel wrote a nice account of his ongoing epic adventures in the southern oceans... Intro: [ Imagine yourself after 25 days of isolation in a carbon box. You have already started your inner journey and have had a lot of questions about yourself. You even seem to have already obtained answers ... You then enter an unknown universe. What people call “The Deep South” or “The Dark Kingdom” ... Wow, it's bloodcurdling right? Sailors who have been there, and they are not that many, speak of it as something unique, cold, gray, hard, but seem to have fallen in love with it.]
  10. I would love to see Isabelle Joschke, Jean Le Cam, and Damien Seguin going for the win in the final rush too... I would be ecstatic. Bestaven and Dalin are sure going to be hard to catch up with though, and there are serious contenders behind... but who knows, so far the race has been anything but predictable.
  11. Now Jean, Isabelle, and Boris are back at it in a LP, 7 miles apart laterally... closing in on point nemo's longitude...
  12. I missed Isabelle Joschke's christmas video 3 days ago, when she was at the heart of the HP... saying there wasn't much to do but be patient...
  13. The telegramme's mini end of the year assessment of the surprises and unexpected scenarios of the 2020 Vendee Globe. If we had been told that ... https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=&sl=fr&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.letelegramme.fr%2Fvoile%2Fvendee-globe%2Fsi-on-nous-avait-dit-que-26-12-2020-12680447.php
  14. Merry Christmas Varan, Stief, and everybody !
  15. Yeah, Maxime Sorel's trajectory has been super smooth since tasmania...
  16. Sigh... not bitching about those expressing concern for the oceans and the planet (I think very few people are completely not concerned for the oceans and the planet). Sorry if you thought that was the gist of my reaction... which I'd have been smart to not even make. I am bitching about those that throw the fishing industry under the bus, which makes no sense. If there's one industry (at least in the west) that has been very keenly aware of the environmental challenges of managing ocean resources its the fishing industry, it took some time decades ago, but for years now they have been wo
  17. Anyway... Imho from all the interviews and articles linked to here, its interesting to hear the abundant talk about prospective boat designs from sailors (who are not in this race but sure hope to be in the next one), and architects this time around... no one doubts the foilers potential in their ideal conditions but a lot of them seem to be asking themselves how to now get the same potential in less ideal conditions, like they are seeing in this year's VG, and opening a lot of avenues for exploration. L'Occitane's "scow" design generates a lot of talk. It's very different from the genera
  18. Yes, and 4th on may get wind before the leading trio... but its always better to be in front... we'll see Its coming back from the rear too, Tripon continues his come back, Cremer and Attanasio are going high to probably try to have better angles when they hit the wind in front of the LP... we'll see that too Everything seems to be in flux
  19. It is tightening up in front, its fascinating to see the positioning and waiting game behind the HP...
  20. To whom it may concern, we get it... the world sucks, you hate it, and everyone is an inhumane corporate shill hell bent on destroying the planet... how original. I hope you don't mind us talking about the race while you finish spiting your bile at the world.
  21. Yes, there are some good info, but its so painful to listen to, not engaging at all. I don't know why they are so speed, drop the amphetamines guys... feels like the audio speed has been accelerated (while preserving pitch) and heavily edited to remove any micro breather (like they do for newsflash segments on some FM radio stations). Its like listening to someone reading the phone book as fast as they can, extremely unpleasant... my ears are still bleeding.
  22. Enjoying the little pleasures in life... (native subtitles) Go Jean ! Yes We Cam !
  23. Yes, I only translated up to 6:40, its interesting after that, he talks about the general layout of the weather systems on the route, the blocking points, where they can hope to gain, he routes clarisse as an example, etc.. but its loooong. I'm sorry, but my brain is really too tired tonight to translate the whole thing
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