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  1. Its a long video so I did a summarized (not literal and lively) transcription/translation of the first part of the video, the Yannick and Jean routing part (0:10 to 1:20) Hello, welcome, I'm on vacation in the mountains, my routing software just crashed... and its back, sorry we're recording this a little of the fly tonight, we'll look at the weather, there are interesting situations today, as usual we'll analyze the leaders race, up to the horn this time, and then we'll look at the weather for Clarisse, and will then take your questions (1:35 to 2:26) Looking at he weathe
  2. But isn't Qld eastern australia ? Maybe western australia health officials are more discerning than their eastern counterparts...
  3. He has been talking for some time about maybe having to go spend Christmas with his family in Perth, they must have already prepared for the eventuality now... so I guess he's aiming for Perth
  4. There was no Vendee Live EN today ? Whats wrong? Edit: Found it on dailymotion, they forgot to post it on youtube I guess, they subtitled Louis Burton's video from the top of the mast
  5. Yes, really great info and very fun to listen to... Ryan Breymaier interview was very good.
  6. Ah... my bad, didn't see it was the water co2, don't know why I just assumed it was air co2 in the "cabin" without looking at the legend
  7. Yes... the regularity does point to something "technical", maybe a sensor bug if its not the engine? Edit: The regularity and shortness seems to exclude physical effort, Edit2: Its water co2 anyway so nothing to do with physical effort
  8. Yes... of course... the very rigid stick very pretty Isabelle is holding... a fly rod... what else...
  9. I don't see it as a "freedom" thing. Its australian sovereign waters, a protected island in the middle of nowhere no one comes close to in normal times, imho its "normal", basic politeness, to ask for permission and discuss your intentions with them considering the island's very protected status. I just find it a little excessive, in this case, to "forbid" anchoring a little offshore if need be... but I understand the australians don't want to send out a message that may attract "tourists" who may want to come sightseeing around the island.
  10. Vendee Live EN today was with Rich Wilson, an american sailor who has finished 2 vendee globes... He is now part of a project to make ocean racing more "accessible" to young sailors in the usa (they talk about that towards the end at around 29:00).
  11. Yes its probably because of the auto translation or autocorrect robots which probably mistake his name for a noun, adjective, or verb they try to translate or correct. Robots often have trouble with context and real life spoken language (which is often made up of incomplete and interrupted sentences that flow with the speakers thoughts, go back and forth, include onomatopoeia, repetitions and contradictions, etc... which make spoken language so lively and expressive.), as well as with metaphorical or generally poetic ways of expressing yourself in a language. Robots like simple predictabl
  12. Life is good ! I love how Ari is enjoying his VG... slowly (its all relative) but surely... one sunbath at a time. He's very cool and seems to be having a blast. Its one way to do the VG... nice to see.
  13. Good interview. Alex Thomson is a class act imho.
  14. Charlie Dalin is in good spirits this morning, Yannick Bestaven surely is too, leading after doing a very nice race so far. https://www.vendeeglobe.org/en/news/21110/ruyant-rolls-the-roulette-wheel-a-litttle-bestaven-slowed-dalin-explains
  15. Karver, which makes great equipment, has a good page on their equipment in the Vendee Globe, which a lot of the boats use. The page serves as their info center during the race to avoid disinformation from spreading... which is a very good idea in this day and age where rumors spread like wildfire. https://www.karver-systems.com/en/news-uk/vg2020.html Does anyone know a website that lists or details all of the specific fittings and equipment used by each boat ? I'm curious...
  16. If we want to keep the old boats relevant and not give an even greater advantage to the big budgets, imho foils should be one design or very tightly specced (like the keel and mast). Priority No1 should be to keep the costs down, that's why there are 30+ boats on the starting line, practically everyone has a chance, and IMOCA is still a skipper lead/owned class. This year's VG is the one where there is the biggest (on paper) theoretical performance differential between the newest and older boats, and imho, that's a problem. Within the rules there are always lots of design choices to
  17. Sebastien Destremeau was able to install a Tiller on his rudders, to control the boat, he worked on it all night, managed to connect his two rudders together and install a new autopilot ram, he needs to finalize the installation and will then be able to make way slowly. There aren't a lot of details https://www.vendeeglobe.org/fr/actualites/21091/merci-tout-juste-manoeuvrant
  18. Don't know, can't find updates... must be working on possible repairs
  19. Yeah he's stuck in that HP... should get better in the next 12 hours, but its horrible right now
  20. Asking myself the same question...
  21. Yes, that's exactly it... Don't know how you can really repair something like that sufficiently to go on... chances are high he'll be diverting to safe harbor
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