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  1. Big damage to the rudder system for Sebatien Destremeau, the rudder articulation system broke off at the attachment point (the upper metal plate in the video)...
  2. Disappointed with the 16h 15min redress... I thought it would be at least 20h. They gave as little redress as they could get away with. Seems like they only counted time on station for the rescue and transfer to the Nivose. The fact he routed north to meet the Nivose in calmer seas, which he may or may not have done anyway, wasn't taken into account. The fact that he was out of "race mode" for "some" time to care for Kevin and answer the media blitz wasn't taken into account. And the fact that Boris and him (but not Bestaven) missed better weather at the corner of ice limit by less time t
  3. Yes, the links between Jean Le Cam and Michel Desjoyeaux run deep. Some articles posted earlier went more into this. Jean Le Cam and Hubert Desjoyeaux, Michel's older brother, were very very close friends since childhood and throughout their sailing careers. Hubert passed away a couple of years ago. Michel was younger and looked up to both of them as kind of role models. Jean and Michel are brother in laws (Hubert married Jean's second sister). The boat itself was christened "Hubert" by Jean Le Cam when he got it, its still it's official name as far as I know. There is a lot of shared lif
  4. The 5 boat hunting group is fascinating.... come on guys ! Catch those damn shiny foilers up ahead ! YES WE CAM !
  5. Its too bad we can't get the wind overlay on the "3d" view... maybe they'll be able to work that out
  6. He is trying so hard to not be designated as the favorite... this year Neptune hasn't been gentle with the "favorites"...
  7. Hmm.. had never noticed this article, a nice presentation : https://www.forbes.com/sites/tmullen/2020/11/09/the-insanity-and-elegance-of-the-vende-globe-sailing-race/
  8. The corner of the ice zone was tricky... they all had to wiggle past... they're now bunched up in light winds past the corner... we'll see how that plays out
  9. After all she will be shown on the main tracker in phantom mode... can be good for teachers who had their class following her more particularly... there even could be extra fun in following a "ghost" ship "Sam will go on her way under the vigilant eye of the race direction of the Vendee Globe, ready to intervene in case of problems. Initiative Coeur's track will be visible on the Vendee Globe cartography, but in "phantom" mode." https://www.vendeeglobe.org/fr/actualites/21031/bonne-route-sam
  10. Of course, those three are incredible sailors.
  11. Imho Alex Thompson has nothing to prove, it was his fifth VG, he finished two of them, respect. His best finish so far was 2nd, just like Ellen Mac Arthur, Loick Peyron, Jean Le Cam... that's a group of pretty legendary sailors. I don't really question Alex Thomson's fighting spirit. If he says his boat is unfit to finish, so be it. It broke down, he tried to repair it, we didn't have much news on hull integrity after that but my speculation is that the repairs weren't enough, you can only do so much out at sea. Then there was the rudder thing, whatever it was.. the last straw. Just
  12. Passage times at cape Leeuwin longitude, does not directly reflect race standings because if you're more to the north at that longitude you're behind those who are more to the south, (should be updated regularly): https://www.vendeeglobe.org/fr/actualites/21000/cap-leeuwin-les-temps-de-passage 1 - Charlie Dalin, Apivia 2 - Thomas Ruyant, LinkedOut at 3h 11min 3 - Yannick Bestaven, MaƮtre CoQ at 3h 20min 4 - Benjamin Dutreux, OMIA at 13h 25min 5 - Damien Seguin, Groupe APICIL at 14h 24min 6 - Jean Le Cam, Yes We Cam ! at 14h 47min 7- Louis Burton, Burea
  13. In one of the vendee live FR episodes, quite a while back, don't remember which one, but pretty sure it was a FR video on the official website, they interviewed people from the agencies that help track the ice for the vendee, one of them talked about that big iceberg and that it would pose problems for races in the coming years, as it starts to disintegrate. They also said the potentially most dangerous zone concerning icebergs in this VG will be right after the horn going up the atlantic if I remember well...
  14. Tripon is going for the border again... its going to be tough
  15. Why? Sam is going to start a 3/4 round the world marketing cruise, rested, with a repaired boat she trusts again, which is really great, but she's out of the VG. Its not easy to finish a VG, and it only underscores the achievements of the ones that are still in the race... everyone has had some level of damage... and they're still hanging in there. 27 still have a chance of finishing the VG. Loick Peyron finished 1 VG, out of 3 tries Jean Le Cam finished 3 VG, out of 4 tries (its now his fifth) Sam Davies finished 1 VG, out of 3 tries (this one included) Finishing the
  16. Loic Peyron's take on the 2020 VG, he interviews Jean Le Cam and Kevin Escoffier before the race
  17. Yes, both vendee live episodes (EN and FR) were really great today... Loic Peyron is outstanding as always, Armel Tripon, Isabelle Joschke, Damien Seguin, (and many mentions of Jean Le Cam)... it was very interesting and.... all about my favorite sailors in this race, loved it !
  18. I can see the full article Laurent, without an account
  19. Jean Le Cam should really get a lot more redress time than Bestaven, not only was he the first to be re rerouted for the rescue, hours before the others, he obviously had to take care of kevin right after the rescue (making sure kevin was ok, comforting him, answering the media flood... didn't really get back into racing mode for hours after that), and then there was the nivose transfer operation and re routing associated with that. I guesstimate, on the low side, Jean Le Cam lost at least 20 hours in the rescue. Jean Le Cam could very well be the virtual leader... Yes We Cam !
  20. Really love what Jean Le Cam, Damien Seguin, and Benjamin Dutreux are doing out in front with their daggerboards... a worthy group of corsairs... Sus aux foils !
  21. Still a long way to go to catch up... but the comeback... wow!
  22. Thanks, Armel Tripon's Occitane is doing pretty well right now... the scow advantage ? Mostly pictures, but some text, including this "And it has been confirmed that this type of bow wets less, puts less strain on the boat and the skipper, enters less into the wave." https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=fr&tl=en&u=https://voilesetvoiliers.ouest-france.fr/course-au-large/vendee-globe/vendee-globe-armel-tripon-ose-un-bateau-etroit-a-etrave-ronde-les-premieres-images-750b391c-0f8e-11ea-85cc-fb0f11f11f51
  23. Miam, among my favorite candies...
  24. A good article from may 2020, on the final months in the shipyard where Jean Le Cam and Damien Seguin prepared their boats, practically together. Gives insights into Jean Le Cam's state of mind going into the race, his expectations, and... welll, what its all about. https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=fr&tl=en&u=https://sport.francetvinfo.fr/voile/vendee-globe-sa-majeste-jean-le-cam-pare-pour-laventure
  25. I have no idea, but looking at marinetraffic, there are a number of fishing boats and cargos in the area right now, not many, but some... the distances are really huge...
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