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  1. At 2:20 the guys are saying "goddam the boat's really on it's edge" a little latter they comment when his bow dives in the water. They seem pretty impressed by what they're seeing. Throughout, what I guess are the pilots, are calling out wind directions and speed or altitudes from time to time but it's really hard to really hear what they're saying, very much in the background.
  2. Incredibly Jean Le Cam only lost 3 places in the standings after all this... Yes we cam !
  3. Made a little translation of the first part of french version of the vendee live video : (1:21) Intro sequence This image of relief, kevin Escofier the skipper of PRB onboard Jean Le Cam's boat last night just after his shipwreck. It's a story that's ending well, very well actually, and we're rejoicing. Good morning everyone and welcome to this vendee live we are tuesday 1st of december, a date that will now be historic in this 9th edition. We will be going over kevin escofier's rescue. To talk about it with us on set are, the president of the vendee globe Yves Auvinet, wit
  4. The three onborad videos from newest to oldest, https://www.vendeeglobe.org/fr/actualites/20696/le-sauvetage-de-prb-raconte-en-video
  5. Awesome... (and a little up the thread Laurent posted a translation in english if you don't understand french, the google video translation skips over some of the exchanges)
  6. If you click on a boat in marine traffic, it tells you when the last data (indicating that position) was received, even when you don't have an account. Right now i'm seeeing satelitte positions received 2, 7, and 11 minutes ago by satelitte for the three circling boats.
  7. Yes, but the report is old now, and posting public press releases is not a priority, things may have changed, I'm speculating based on the marine traffic tracks right now
  8. You never know what can happen... it's cold, electronics (beyond their specced limitations, range, battery life) can fail, and liferafts... are the last backup, the sooner he's out of there, the better. They probably want to keep tabs on him as much as they can (I hope they have tabs on him now), and will try to get him out at the first real opportunity they get to do so. It's baseless speculation but they might be circling him right now, looking for an opportunity to get him out.
  9. Speculating won't help, last thing we really know is jlc sighted kevin in the liferaft, "made contact", and that the conditions are really rough and sketchy out there right now, and it's dark. Apart from that there are now three excellent sailors on zone, and we can trust them to do absolutely everything they can. Many many thoughts...
  10. It's a really close race behind Dalin... wow
  11. Yes, very interesting. I wonder if we'll see Will Harris in the vendee globe one day.
  12. Laurent, watch the video I posted, Will Harris talks about training with the other imocas and the importance of that for him, they seem to be an including bunch (competitive though of course). Yes, it's Alex choice, but I wouldn't judge, he has to do what he feels is best for him... would he be less unlucky if he trained more with others ? Whos to know...
  13. I hope he can, what am I saying... yes we cam ! I love how this old sea wolf is still killing it out there. He's as roots as it gets in ocean racing these days as far as I'm concerned. He was one of Tabarly's sailors, an era ago. An old school guy who's lived and thrived through all ocean racing evolutions, very deep respect for this man, what a sailor... the stuff of legends. Would be incredibly fantastic if he finished on the podium around the world with his boat.
  14. An interesting video (in english featuring will harris, co-pilot of sea explorer) that goes into the technical aspects of the boats and the process through which the sailors/teams develop their boats and prepare for the Vendee Globe, Brings up the importance of training with others and comparing technical solutions
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